Eurovision 2014

“Just Been Told Who’s Representing The Uk in This Year’s Eurovision”

UK Eurovision Representative 2010 Josh James. Photo :  YouTube

UK Eurovision Representative 2010 Josh James. Photo : YouTube

UNITED KINGDOM – “Just been told who’s representing the UK in this year’s Eurovision!!!” was the tweet that came at 5pm on Friday February 7th.

Yes this was the message that was posted by Josh James (formerly known as Josh Dubovie) who represented the United Kingdom at Eurovision 2010 in Oslo.

He went on to tease people by asking if they wanted clues to the identity of the act.

Obviously people went slightly crazy on Twitter and started to question if Josh actually knew, to which he responded

Finally to add fuel to the fire, Josh retweeted this message that he received

Now let’s look at the evidence and think about this logically.

Would Josh return to Eurovision?


Well following the BBC’s result in Norway the year Josh entered, the subsequent alleged parting of ways between the singer and the broadcaster, it might be a “huge leap of faith” for Josh to take into the unknown to return to Eurovision. Remember that he changed his name from Josh Dubovie to Josh James to reassert his own musical style – which we have rather enjoyed here at the site.


Would the BBC gain TV ratings from not selecting a household name like they have done for the last 3 years?


That question is no disrespect to Josh – so don’t go cyber crazy on me. Since the BBC has started to make an internal selection for Eurovision and not hold a National Final, they have selected an artist that is well-known and can generate national interest to watch Eurovision. We had Blue, Englebert and then Bonnie. Surely the BBC if retaining an internal selection have to stick with a well-known name? Or could this be the opportunity for the powers that be to do an on-line song selection for Josh – somewhat similar to what Spain is doing at present?  Either way, selecting an artist unlike the past 3 representatives would break the recent pattern or could signify an upgrade in the BBC’s song selection process.

Either way you look at it – from Josh’s claims – the BBC have made a decision and more importantly, HE KNOWS. I suggest that we tweet him constantly into submission @joshjamesworld

“That Sounds Good To Me”

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Twitter

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  1. Dang him for teasing us 😛 It is a reasonable guess though; that he might represent again under his new self reinvention! I like the sound of his new song.

  2. That would NOT sound good to me…

    Admittedly he was stitched up for his first Eurovision outing but he had minimal stage presence and charisma. Apart from Emma for Italy, all the other confirmed acts and songs are NOT potential ESC winners – the right combination of act/song/performance could win it this year for the UK and I’m hoping and praying that the BBC can find this.

    Josh [insert surname here] is NOT it…

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