Eurovision 2014

POLAND : Confirm Their Return To Eurovision 2014

Poland and ESC 2014. Photograph courtesy of

Poland and ESC 2014. Photograph courtesy of

We have been writing that TVP (Polish National Broadcaster) were seriously considering returning to Eurovision 2014. Today an official decision was made.

In an announcement via and Let’s Talk About ESC, TVP have confirmed that they have submitted an application to the EBU to enter Eurovision 2014. The extension date of January 10th for broadcasters to withdraw from the contest without any financial penalties, has provided Poland with further time to decide how they will select and finance participation at Eurovision 2014.

An announcement on their selection details will be made by the end of January and an artist selected by the end of February.

2014 marks the 20th Anniversary of Poland’s debut at the song contest in Dublin in 1994 where Edyta Gorniak came second in the contest. Is this a good omen for their return?

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : and Let’s Talk About ESC

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  1. Just did a bit of ‘Googling’ and Wow indeed! She’s still got it for sure. Wish she’d return to Eurovision.
    Regards Mistic, I agree, very Enigma. it was such a shame they never got a chance. Ah well, one can but hope.

    • I knew you would be happy with the current music from Edyta. She still has that great voice. Wouldn’t it be great to see her return for Poland’s 20th anniversary in the contest.

      Fingers crossed for Mistic too

  2. Don’t know what happened to my last comments on Poland or Ruth Lorenzo so will try again.
    I really hope Mistic tries again to represent Poland at Eurovision as am sure they’d at least make the final especially if it were something of the calibre of Glorifica from 2011

  3. Yay! Welcome back Poland. I really hope they come back with a strong entry. I adored their debut song. To be honest I felt it should have won (but I was of course happy Ireland took the prize and there was Riverdance too,) as Edyta’s vocal was sensational (although many say she screeched, I didn’t see that at all) and it remains one of my all time favourite songs.

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