Eurovision 2014

NORWAY : New Selection Process Revealed for Melodi Grand Prix 2014

Norway - Melodi Grand Prix 2014. Photo : NRK

Norway – Melodi Grand Prix 2014. Photo : NRK

Norway will select their entry for Eurovision 2014 using a new format of Melodi Grand Prix.

There will be a week-long “Music Festival” consisting of 3 semi finals on March 7th, 8th and 9th where 5 artists/acts will compete in each show. Three will progress from each semi final to the Grand Final on March 15th.

The final will be held in Oslo’s Spektrum Arena and presented by Jenny Skavlan and Erik Solbakken

This year a Jury will be present who will give their opinions on each of the songs after they are performed. The Jury used to select the 15 songs for the semi finals consisted of Music co-ordinator Vivi Stenberg, Marie Komissar (producer) Tarjei Strøm (musician) , Gisle G. Stokland (reporter) and Kathrine Synnes Finnskog (Director of Music Norway).

Over 600 entries were received by NRK after the success of Margaret Berger at Eurovision 2013.

A new logo has been created for MGP to reflect the new show – as you can see from above. It has a slight resemblance to “Transformers” don’t you think?

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : NRK

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