Eurovision 2014

Celine Dion Interview : Watch Her UK Interview Where She Talks “Eurovision”

Celine Dion On the "Jonathan Ross Show". Photograph Brian T.Ritchie/Hotsacuse/REX

Celine Dion On the “Jonathan Ross Show”. Photograph Brian T.Ritchie/Hotsacuse/REX

Eurovision Winner Celine Dion – appeared on UK television last night. She was a guest on the “Jonathan Ross” show where she talked of her new album and in a rare moment recalled her Eurovision Memories.

The “My Heart Will Go On Star” spoke of how she is not the biggest fan of the Titanic and multi million selling song. However even more interesting is that she spoke of her Eurovision memories of winning the song contest in 1988 in Dublin.

“I Felt Like a Horse” when competing at Eurovision. Well she certainly needed a “photo finish” in that race against the UK’s Scott Fitzgerald whom she beat by 1 point. She told the audience of how her then Manager and now husband Rene, had bet “serious money” on her to win the contest.

Interestingly she spoke of how she worried at how people in Switzerland would feel about a Canadian representing their country at Eurovision – but didn’t Switzerland do well with having a foreign person representing them at the contest.

If you have a spare few million you might be interested in buying her Florida home that she has put on the market – complete with Water Park. When asked why she had a mini water park in her house she said “Some people do drugs and go out on a Saturday night – I like a Water Park”.

Celine will perform tonight on the Uk’s X-Factor at 8pm (GMT) on ITV 1 and her new album goes on release “Loved Me Back To Life”. Make sure to tune in.

Author/Website Co-Founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : ITV and Eurovision Ireland

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