Watch Celine Dion’s “Loved Me Back To Life” Performance on The UK X-Factor

Celine Dion on the UK X-Factor. Photograph Courtesy of YouTube

Celine Dion on the UK X-Factor. Photograph Courtesy of YouTube

Eurovision Winner Celine Dion performed her new song last night on the UK X-Factor show.

The 1988 Eurovision winner pre-recorded her appearance on Friday evening for last nights result show. She performed the title track of her new album “Loved Me Back To Life” – that is on release now.


In the introduction for her performance we read that Dion has now sold over 220 million albums to date. An indication to detractors of the Eurovision Song Contest that it can be the launch of a global career.

Dion will be returning to Las Vegas where she will be continuing her residency at Caesar’s Palace – as she confirmed on the Johnathan Ross Show. 

In a twist of fate, Ott Lepland who represented Estonia at Eurovision 2012 with his song “Kuula”, was impersonating Celine Dion on live TV on the other side of Europe at the same time!

Is “Loved Me Back To Life” another hit for Celine Dion?

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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