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Jedward Return To Eurovision For a Third Time?

Are Jedward set to return to Eurovision for a third time in 2014? Photograph courtesy of

Are Jedward set to return to Eurovision for a third time in 2014? Photograph courtesy of

Jedward to return to Eurovision for the third time? That is the question that is gaining momentum on some of the fan websites. Love of Loathe them – we are of the former – they have had a vast impact on the Eurovision viewing audience and we thought that we would speak to several people who know them best!

When Jedward entered Eurovision in 2011 with their song “Lipstick”, there was a vast new and younger audience introduced to Eurovision for the first time. This injection of youth and energy was just what the contest needed – as well as the viewing audience. With their next entry in 2012 in Baku with the song “Waterline”, they came 10th with the public vote in the contest and 19th overall when the Jury votes were added – thus showing that the new Eurovision viewers had hung around for another year.

Even with Jedward not taking part in Eurovision 2013 – the statistics showed that the younger audience that had followed them at Eurovision tuned into the contest again – Job Well Done Guys!

We had seen many news stories about Twice Eurovision Artists Jedward in the Press recently – from X-Factor Album Omission, Acoustic One Direction Cover, Touring Australia to their Search for a New Record Contract.

We thought it best to speak to some Jedward Experts about how them being at Eurovision has introduced them the World of Eurovision and if Jedward might return to the contest for a Third Time. We also went on to talk about what the BBC should do for their Eurovision 2014 Entry.

We Spoke to Lynn Kenway – Editor of Eurovision Times . Jade Hill – Co Founder (with Lynn Kenway) of the hugely popular Twitter Page @JedEurovision and Sophie Jones – Jedward and Eurovision “Aficionado”.

Always good to get to hear what new Eurovision Fans have to say about the contest and the reason/acts that got them hooked on the contest.

What is your #EurovisionAddiction and what are your thoughts on Jedward returning to the Eurovision Song Contest for a third time? Take our poll and have your say

Thanks to Jade, Lynn and Sophie for giving us their time and insight into Eurovision and Jedward.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor In Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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