EDITORIAL : Is The Swiss Selection Process Threatening to Make Eurovision Generic?

Swiss National Eurovision Selection 2014 in review. Photo : Wikipedia

Swiss National Eurovision Selection 2014 in review. Photo : Wikipedia

Presently all focus is on Switzerland when it comes to Eurovision 2014. They have already had 159 songs submitted for consideration to the SRF part of the Swiss Selection Process.

We had informed our readers of some of the pan European singers and song writers that had entered songs in the Swiss Selection. Yesterday we wrote of 2 former Eurovision contestants from Croatia and Cyprus whom had submitted entries – see here

When we posted this article, we were inundated with comments from our readers. Some were in shock and others were excited at the prospect of multinational singers representing Switzerland.

I decided to make a short video putting both sides of the discussion out on the table for all to discuss.

  • People’s variety of reactions to the Swiss Selection Process
  • Should the EBU set regulations for Eurovision National Selections?
  • How the change in how we share media today makes it far easier for artists to be influenced by other genres of music.
  • Finally a call for your opinion on the subject

Do you think that a National Selection Process for Eurovision – like that of Switzerland – makes the songs at Eurovision more generic and less representative of a country’s  traditional and local music culture? Take the poll.

Do you think the Swiss selection process is good for Eurovision or is it running the risk of making representing a country at Eurovision less prestigious? Should the EBU have guidelines on national selections to make them more even across Europe? Is the Swiss selection process giving European talent a chance to be seen and heard?

Let us know how you feel!

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Just finished reviewing the 159 SRF entries and highlighting my favourites in my blog:


    Six out of my seven choices were Swiss anyway (the other was from Luxembourg) so personally I don’t think it made a huge amount of difference THIS TIME. A lot of the RTS entries are in the SRF list so a lot of acts are trying to apply as often as possible. It will be interesting to see if the RSI selection beats the five acts from the other two – at the moment, I would be going with an entry from SRF…

  2. Nah, not really cause there are still the other two broadcasters who choose their acts to go to the final plus those former Eurovision contestants are just 2 artists out of so many amateurs. They are among the songs of Coupe Danmark & Mountains lawl. I am actually doubting that anyone from the Swiss Platform is going to win the NF this time around.. depending on what RTS & RSI bring to the table.

  3. Yes other singers from other coutries can representing that country,but let say every 3years it must be a local singer.

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