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SWITZERLAND : More Former Eurovision Singers Enter Swiss Selection – Why?

Annet Artani. Photograph courtesy of Sunenteuksh/

Annet Artani. Photograph courtesy of Sunenteuksh/

Over the past 48 hours, 2 former Eurovision singers have decided to try their luck at the contest again – but this year for Switzerland. Why has Switzerland become so popular for all acts from across Europe? Is it their vast success at the contest – not really. So what is it?

Daria Kinzer – who represented Croatia in 2011 with the rather pastiche dance song “Celebrate” has thrown her hat – or hopefully that of her Magician’s – into the Swiss National Selection for 2014. The song is called “Somebody Like You”. A mid tempo rousing ballad, yet it takes over 1 minute to get into its pace, this is far superior to “Celebrate”. It still needs that killer key change though it is a song with potential. See what you think?

Another former Eurovision performer has also decided to enter the Swiss National selection. Anett Artani, the 2006 Cypriot Eurovision representative, has also entered a song into the Swiss National Selection. The song is called “You Got What I Need” and you can listen to it here It is a cheeky little dance song with a some blues piano in it along with enough “S” words to give the Swiss Broadcaster enough re-write worries.

Annet represented Cyprus at Eurovision 2006 with the song “Why Angels Cry”.


So why is Switzerland popular with so many non-Swiss artists this year? To simply put it, Switzerland have made their selection process accessible to all artists in the hope of finding a Grand Finalist at Eurovision 2014. In the case of acts from Croatia, Turkey and Cyprus who have entered the Swiss Selection – they have no other way of entering Eurovision as their National EBU Broadcasters have withdrawn from Eurovision 2014.


It is a very different case when it comes to the large number of UK artists who have entered the Swiss race. This is because the BBC has not had an open call for Eurovision entries/singers since 2010. In that time only “Blue” in 2011 have managed to make an impact on the Eurovision scoreboard when they finished in 11th place with “I Can”.

It begs the question why the UK is dismissing their local interest in the contest by not opening up their selection process – but that is another article all together.

Switzerland have made their 2014 selection process open and accessible. If you have a song then you can upload it onto their website. The results have been varied (to say the least) but they have created a platform for singers and song writers to enter. It only takes one good song to win Eurovision!

Should other countries take note and open up their Eurovision selection process?  What do you think?


Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : SRF and Eurovision Ireland

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  1. The songs should be written by nationals if the country they represent – what’s the point of all otherwise ? We’ll end up with 40 bland G:sson songs to vote on, the way it’s going

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