Eurovision Finals 2013

SWITZERLAND : X-Factor Contestants Enter Eurovision Selection

Diva Fever - X-Factor. Photograph courtesy of X-Factor YouTube

Diva Fever – X-Factor. Photograph courtesy of X-Factor YouTube

What is it about Switzerland and their Eurovision Selection Process that attracts former X-Factor contestants? 2013 is no exception as yet another former UK X-Factor Act enters the race to represent Switzerland at Eurovision 2014.

No it is not Rylan Clark (though that would be 3 minutes worth watching). 2014 sees the Act “Diva Fever” from the X-Factor 2010, try their luck at Eurovision.

They have entered the song “Dancefloor Lover” into the Swiss Selection and you can see it here

The first 3 lines of the song set the tone for the song


“I’m a Diva…. So What

I’m in heat….So Hot

They’re like bees round a honey pot”


You see where the guys are going here. They are out there and proud – so hats off to them. This is a Eurodance Pop song that is like something from the 90’s – Think La Bouche “Be My Lover” (yet not as catchy – sorry guys) and you are on the right lines.

They would no doubt go OTT (and I don’t mean Lepland) with their stage performance if Switzerland puts them into their final selection. Remember this performance on the X-Factor?


In 2011 another former British X-Factor Finalist entered the Swiss National Selection for Baku. The brother and sister duo “Same Difference” tried to get to Eurovision with the song “Music”. Unfortunately it was a “no” from the Swiss Public.

Can Diva Fever go one step further?

Simon Cowell has a lot to answer for.


Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland and SRF


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