Eurovision Finals 2013

ICELAND : Who Knew “Eyþór Ingi” Had Some Serious Funk In Him!

Hárin Rísa - Eyþór ingi & Atomskáldin. Photograph courtesy of Eyþór Ingi Facebook

Hárin Rísa – Eyþór ingi & Atomskáldin. Photograph courtesy of Eyþór Ingi Facebook

One should never make an assume that a Eurovision artist’s song at the contest is a definitive indication of their musical influences and likes. Nothing has shocked me more than the new release from Iceland’s 2013 Eurovision performer Eyþór Ingi.

With that long mane of golden hair, silky voice and smoldering ballad “Ég Á Líf”, one could have been fooled into thinking you had the next big balladeer on our hands. Well you will be picking your jaw up off the floor in a few minutes.  “Hárin Rísa” is the new single from Eyþór ingi & Atomskáldin. The English translation is “Despair” by Eyþór ingi and the “Atom Poets”. That could not be so far removed from “Ég Á Líf/I am a Life” on so many levels.

“Hárin Rísa” is nothing to despair of! A funky song that has many influences from the 70’s and 80’s in it. A “groovy” guitar riff going through the song with changes in the vocal ranges that reminds me of early Prince. Before you comment – “Groovy” is now back in vogue. The chorus has the hook of “Hárin Rísa” ringing in my head. Hints of Talking Heads to Donna Summer come flooding to me when I hear this. If someone told me this song was written by Robin Thicke and Pharrell, I would easily believe them.

The song will hopefully be available on iTunes soon, but can be purchased on here . The new album is scheduled for release later in the Winter.

I certainly hope there is funky video “in the can” soon – it deserves it! Funky and Fantastic. What more does anyone need in life!

Were you expecting this from Eyþór?

Author/Website co-founder and Editor In Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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