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NORWAY : Has Alexander Rybak Lost His Mojo?

Alexander Rybak - 5 to 7 Years. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Alexander Rybak – 5 to 7 Years. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

2009’s Eurovision Winner Alexander Rybak returns with his new song “5 to 7 years”. What can you expect?

Well it is certainly no “9 to 5” from Dolly Parton or Chiara/Hera Bjork. It is always difficult being such a huge overnight Eurovision success to match up to something like “Fairytale” – which remains the highest scoring Eurovision Winner in the modern era.


Having Alexander’s albums on my iTunes, I have listened to the musical journey that he has been on. He seems to be experimenting with different genres of music and “5 to 7 Years” is no exception.

Alexander Rybak - 5 to 7 Years. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Alexander Rybak – 5 to 7 Years. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

This is a soft rock mid tempo song that was written by Alexander himself. If you listen to the lyrics it seems to be somewhat autobiographical. It is him saying that he has found the love of his life but due to his life he needs time before he can settle down. The first two-thirds of the song are shot in black and white and have a documentary feel to it. You see what his life is like touring.


After his partner leaves him the video changes to colour and is almost like a realisation of what has become of his life. There are some nice drum chanting moments in the song that almost make you want to break into Queen’s “Radio Gaga”.

Do I like the song – Yes. Can I see there being detractors – Yes. I guess the problem is that people don’t know what type of artist Alexander wants to be.


For me I like “Leave Me Alone”. This is a great pop song that lets you hear the famous violin performed in an unexpected way, yet it doesn’t dominate the video and lets people see that there is much more to him than a smiley guy with a violin.

Also 13 horses from his first album is a well crafted song that never fails to make me tear up.

“5 to 7 Years” is an interesting song that lets you have a glimpse into what life is like being Alexander Rybak.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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