Eurovision Finals 2012

UKRAINE : Gaitana Finally Returns With New Music

Gaitana retuens with the song "Aliens". Photograph courtesy of Gaitana Facebook

Gaitana retuens with the song “Aliens”. Photograph courtesy of Gaitana Facebook

In 2012 Gaitana came to Eurovision in a blaze of Flowered Tiaras and Controversy. “Be My Guest” got the usual Ukrainian tv production and she maintained the country’s 100% qualification record to the Grand Final intact.

She returns with new music in the form of “Aliens”. An unusual title for a song that conjures up pictures of Sigourney Weaver fighting Space Demons. However Gaitana brings us a sultry mid tempo song with strong cultural flavors that celebrate her Ukrainian and Congolese heritage.

You may remember that when Gaitana was selected to represent Ukraine at Eurovision in 2012 there were small minorities of the Ukrainian government that claimed that she should not be representing the country due to the colour of her skin. How glad we were that Gaitana rose herself above that nonsense.

Her new song “Aliens” certainly celebrates her Congolese background with strong African undertones. According to Gaitana the song is about the unification of countries and people from across the world. A sentiment that sits very well with us.

If you are looking for “Be My Guest” Part Deux – then you will be sadly disappointed. However if you want a song steeped in RnB and Dub Step and African flavours then you will be very happy with “Aliens”. To say that Gaitana looks stunning is an understatement. She looks like a majestic “African Queen”.

Hats off to Gaitana for celebrating who she is – especially in a time where other parts of Europe would not like us to do that.

The video for “Aliens” was shot in  Kihaad in the Maldives. Just what you need to see on a dark rainy day like today.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Gaitana Facebook, Wiwiblogs and Eurovision Ireland

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  1. If you’re looking for “Be My Guest” part deux… then her song “You Will Like It” (which was released in summer 2012) may be more like what you’re looking for XD

    Otherwise, I am LOVING this new song from her!! 😀

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