Eurovision Finals 2013

GERMANY : Lena and “Dicks On Fire” – No Seriously!

Lena and "Dicks On Fire". Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Lena and “Dicks On Fire”. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Lena and “Dicks On Fire” – is not the name of a dodgy X-Rated Adult Movie from the Continent but the new collaboration of Stefan Raab’s Band “Dicks On Fire” and Eurovision Winner Lena.

The most ridiculous name for a band ever, I seriously enjoyed Stefan’s Eurovision characters over the years, but that name is just not working for me Stefan. They are a rock band and a good one at that. However with a name like “Dicks On Fire”, don’t be expecting people to take them serious anytime soon.

Lena and Stefan Raab. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Lena and Stefan Raab. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Lena has taken her first steps down the Miley Cyrus road of breaking the squeaky clean “Satellite” image of 2010 by performing on the “Dicks On Fire” track “Revolution”.

What can you say of this song? This an 80’s “Revolution” of music coming back. I hear ZZ-Top, Poison, Motley Crew and if I be honest the song bares a strong resemblance to the 70’s classic “All Right Now” by Free – with its guitar chords. With some ghastly lyrics like

“Whatcha gonna do when the time is right?
We’re going to take off now for a beastly fight
Turn off the power plan for another run
And heat it up high just like your mother’s son”

Lena and Stefan Raab. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Lena and Stefan Raab. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Everything about this song is wrong – from the foul-smelling lyrics to the OTT performances and Lena Awkwardly trying to be sexy. So why do I feel like a naughty school boy and find this becoming my secret guilty pleasure – like watching old episodes of “Falcon Crest” or “Cold Quiché Sandwiches” or my “Collection of Rick Astley Posters”! I just can’t help it.

Where best to premier this “Car Crash” of a song? The “TV Total Stock Car Crash Challenge” at the Veltins Arena in Gelsenkirchen. How ironic and self-deprecating! You have to take your hat off to these two. Just when you think they might have seen their heyday, they come back with this gruesome piece of bubble gum PROCK – Pop & Rock.

I still cannot believe that Stefan Raab thinks that the name of the band will find a place in the mass media. It even sounded wrong when the presenter spoke of them in German. Truly one of those moments when the song is so so bad – that it is good. “Revolution” is available to download now – which some people have already done in Germany. Maybe this musical infection might be confined to that part of Europe.

Author/Website co-founder Garrett Mulhall

Source : Lena Facebook, German iTunes Chart, Wiwi Blogs and Eurovision Ireland

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