Eurovision Finals 2013

UK : Set for a National Final for Eurovision 2014

The UK at Euroviison 2014. Photograph courtesy of  Hadley Freeman and The Guardian

The UK at Euroviison 2014. Photograph courtesy of Hadley Freeman and The Guardian

“The BBC are set to return to a National Final for their Eurovision 2014 entry selection”. This is the claim made the UK newspaper “The Daily Star”.

A Spokesperson for the BBC said “that she could not elaborate on Eurovision plans for next year and it was still early days” but they were considering all the options.

This comes on the back of the recent meeting of Broadcasters in Berlin some weeks ago, where they discussed the various selection options been taken by broadcasters across Europe for Eurovision Selection.

The BBC are sure to have seen Simon Cowell’s admission that he would like to create a Eurovision National Selection Show – which was sure to have struck a chord with the BBC – read here

With countless artists coming forward saying that they would either like to represent the Uk (like Little Boots) to confessions of knock backs for act like Hurts is it about time that the UK ditch the internal selection process and search for a “Young” and fresh act?

On the back of Turkish Broadcaster questioning why the BBC and the other Big 5 Countries receive automatic qualification for the Grand Final – and with lack luster results – maybe the BBC have been shaken into going all out for Eurovision 2014.

Even Graham Norton has taken to asking his tv guests if they would consider Eurovision? Is this the wind of change for the UK? The past 2 year’s results have not given the UK and BBC much to celebrate at Eurovision. With sport encouragement at the heart of the BBC and UK Government at present, will we see music and Eurovision as a source of inspiration for the public.

Early speculation is good for the UK – but we have heard that from them before. Fingers crossed.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Daily Star. Wiwi Blogs and Eurovision Ireland

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  1. What a crock of shite our entry was, Wooden, uninspiring, disjointed and delivered with all the vibrancy of a garden snail. Just as bad as our world cup team. I am embarassed to be English

    • Her Rehearsal was much more engaging Jonathan. Personally I loved Molly and the song. Best Uk entry in a long time. Performing last is a bad position. People have made up their minds by then. The last time a song performing last won was Yugoslavia in 1989. I think 2015 is the UK’s year

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