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UK 2014 : WATCH “Hurts” talk Eurovision at Glastonbury Festival

UK Eurovision - "Hurts" still interested in entering the contest. Photograph courtesy of

UK Eurovision – “Hurts” still interested in entering the contest. Photograph courtesy of

British synthpop duo “Hurts” have been filmed by NME talking Eurovision at the Glastonbury Festival just a few days ago. Surprisingly they are still highly interested in being involved in the contest.

They spoke at how they see Eurovision as a competitive sport for song writing and that it has merits to it as a song competition. They had publicly said 3 years ago they would like to perform at the contest and the BBC had approached them in regards Eurovision 2012.

They discussed possible songs and concepts with the BBC but that the National Broadcaster decided to go with Englebert Humperdinck – which proved to be a very costly and poor decision for the BBC.

They are completely correct in saying that “people don’t take it seriously enough” – especially in the UK – that is the fundamental problem that the BBC needs to tackle. The guys think that the contest is “Mortal Combat for tunes” – nicely put.

“Hurts” have released 2 albums to date. Their first “Happiness” reached the top 10 in 12 European countries and sold over 2 million copies. Their follow-up album “Exile” has already gone Top 10 in 10 European countries to date. Add to this single sales of over 2 million copies and you have a current band that are not collecting their pensions yet,  know how to write a great song and have a European fan base to leverage support from.

There is no need whatsoever for the BBC to select an artist that has been absent from the public for decades. To date we have “Hurts”, “Littleboots”, “Ruth Lorenzo” and the duo of “Glenys Vargas and Kevin Ettienne” all wanting to represent the UK at Eurovision in 2014. So this is a direct call to Graham Norton – who has said that he wants to find a strong act to represent the UK in Denmark next year – we give you these 4 candidates – get talking to them now!

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland and NME

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    • Hurts have been saying yes to Eurovision for the past 3 years ans in the video the said they would like to. Also it was quoted in several UK news sources like Metro and Guardian

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