CYPRUS withdraws from Eurovision 2014 and possibly Greece next

Cyprus withdraws from Eurovision 2014. Is Greece next to follow. Photograph courtesy of

Cyprus withdraws from Eurovision 2014. Is Greece next to follow. Photograph courtesy of

The unfortunate news has come through that Cyprus will not participate at Eurovision 2014. Is Greece set to follow them and take a year’s absence from the contest?

As we had expected and reported, Cyprus have decided to take a year out from Eurovision. This afternoon CyBC (Cypriot National Broadcaster) posted on their official website of “the decision of the Board for abstention from Eurovision Song Contest 2014… It was also considered to further reduce the budget of CBC in 2014, and the need for drastic cuts in spending on program”

Our source close to the Cypriot Delegation has also said that Greece are facing the same tough decision on their participation at Eurovision 2014.

We are all aware that of the Greek and Cypriot economic crisis at present and earlier this Summer the Greek National Broadcaster ERT had its transmission suspended (see here)

in 2013 Greek Broadcaster Mad TV assisted ERT with their Eurovision Campaign but this may not be on the cards in 2014 according to our source. Greek Broadcasting is still undergoing restructure due to financial restraints and an interim state broadcaster is in place. As of yet the new Station has not applied for Eurovision participation.

In previous years ERT had financed a large proportion of their Eurovision costs through sponsorship. This may be harder to come by this year – though not impossible. The interim Broadcaster has failed to answer any questions on the country’s participation at Eurovision – despite Greece being one of the most successful countries at the contest over the last decade

Cyprus will unfortunately not participate at Eurovision 2014. We await further confirmation of Greece – though we still hold out hope to avoid a “Greek Tragedy”.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – CyBC, escXtra and Eurovision Ireland

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