Eurovision 2014

Is “Little Boots” the “Remedy” to the UK’s Eurovision 2014 hopes?

British Singer "Little Boots" wants to represent the UK at Eurovision 2014. Photograph courtesy of

British Singer “Little Boots” wants to represent the UK at Eurovision 2014. Photograph courtesy of

The Uk could have found their “Remedy” to their Eurovision 2014 dilemma, as British singer “Little Boots” has openly said she wants the job of representing her country at the contest in Denmark next year. The question is – “Is she too young for the BBC to consider?”

Little Boots – aka Victoria Hesketh – tweeted “Lolz totally would be up for Eurovision maybe I should enter next year”

“Anyone know how to apply? #Eurovision (sic)”

The Uk’s Eurovision commentator Graham Norton was quick to reply tweeting “You will get the call! (sic)” – Now we hope he means in the next 6 months and not 10 years time.

Little Boots rose to fame by winning the Sound of 2009 BBC poll and releasing the hit “Remedy”.  Arlene Phillips – who was previously a judge on BBC ballroom competition ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and helped choreograph Engelbert Humperdinck, 77, in last year’s event, in which he finished second to last – said: “It’s time for a frivolous, fun-filled, catchy pop song – edgy yet crowd-pleasing.”

Musical director Steve Anderson, who has worked with Kyle Minogue and Leona Lewis to name but a few tweeted “It’s time for the BBC to realise the older artists/naff song route isn’t the way to go – and hand over to people who get it. (sic)”

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Little Boots)

Could this be the sound of things to come from the BBC in 2014? Or will the BBC give “Hurts” the chance to represent the country like they have wanted to do for some time now?

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – The List

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