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NETHERLANDS : Anouk defends her new song “Wigger”

Anouk and her new song "Wigger". Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Anouk and her new song “Wigger”. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

A lot of former Eurovision artists have been busy in the recording studios. None more so that Anouk from the Netherlands. Her song “Wigger” is causing some controversy in the very liberal Netherlands to the point where she has taken to defending her choice to record and release the song.

Anouk brought the Netherlands back to the Grand Final and the Top 10 at Eurovision after what seemed like an eternity of an absence. Her song “Birds” was indeed unique and struck a chord with Eurovision viewers. So what of her Eurovision follow-up song “Wigger”.

Anouk has been promoting the positives of using such a controversial title and has taken to Social Media and Radio to defend her song. For those who do not know what the word “Wigger” means, then I will let Anouk tell you in her own words

“The word “Wigger”, what does it mean? It get’s people pissed. But I mean is it derogatory ? If you search Wikipedia, then the definition in a nutshell is, “a white person who is inspired by black culture”. So Is that bad or weird? We do after all live in a world where we are inspired regardless of skin colour or gender! 

If Anouk was worried that performing at Eurovision was going to pigeon-hole her into being known as a “Former Eurovision Singer” – then this song and it’s content will certainly go somewhat to breaking that mold.

So what of the song? It is autobiographical and from the first lines you know what you are getting – “I’m a true blond proud wigger, born and raised in the suburbs”.

It is a mixture of Rock and Soul music that has strong rifts that get into your mind very easily. The lyrics are story line based telling of her life from child in the suburbs to rock and soul singer that has her detractors.

Would people have voted for “Wigger” like they did “Birds”?

She was recently on Dutch radio defending the song.

To summarize the interview in English – Giel [the 3FM DJ] likes the song yet feels that it will create a lot of controversy in the public. Anouk says that her interpretation of the term ‘wigger’ is positive and that she see’s herself as a “wigger”.

The song is from her new album that she is still working on “but it’s going to be great”. The title of the album is “Sad Singalong Songs” that she claims will not be an album that contains songs for mainstream radio, hence the decision to release “Wigger” now, as she feels that it can be played and appreciated on radio. She references Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus as individuals who submerge themselves in black music and culture and thought that she could sing about her experiences too.

Anouk will be performing a series of concerts in Gelredome on October the 16th, 18th, 20th where she says that she will be performing “Wigger”. On her personal life she says “I haven’t got a new boyfriend, but I’m happy”

Yesterday she again took to radio to perform a live acoustic version of “Wigger” on 538 Radio in The Netherlands that they also filmed.

I like the fact Anouk is prepared to put her views on the line for all to applaud or ridicule. However I think that if you have such a strong message that you feel this passionate about – would Eurovision have been a braver platform for her to deliver this message on and show real conviction in what you seem of?

Tell us what you think?

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : 3FM, 538 Radio, Wiwi Blogs and Eurovision Ireland

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