Eurovision Finals 2013

PORTUGAL : Video Highlights from “Eurovision Live Concert SETÚBAL 2013”

Highlights from the "Eurovision In Concert 2013 - Setubal". Photograph courtesy of

Highlights from the “Eurovision Live Concert 2013 – Setubal”. Photograph courtesy of

From all the reports, photographs and videos the “Eurovision Live Concert” in Setubal (Portugal) was an amazing success. Celebrating their 5th anniversary, we had to show you some of the highlights.

You can find all the details at the official website here

We have just found some videos that show the party atmosphere that was in Setubal for 3 days last week. Congratulations to the organisers for another wonderful presentation.


Video 1

This features performances from Be4rs, Coro de Setúbal, Buket Bengisu, Chen Aharoni, Daniela Varela, Alexandros Panayi, Carla Ribeiro e Alexandros Panayi and Narayana



Video 2

This video features performances from the wonderful Jalisse (a personal favorite), The Guest, Carla Ribeiro, Vlad Mirita, Moran Mazor and
Birgitta Haukdal.



Video 3

Here we have performances from Birgitta Haukdal (another favorite here at Eurovision Ireland), Vânia Fernandes, Luís Sousa e Vânia Fernandes and Roberto Bellarosa.



Video 4

This video shares with you the hosts of the live concert –  Natália, Pedro Granger, Pedro Penim and Marco Lopes –  plus further performances from 4Bears, Marco Lopes, Buket Bengisu, Chen Aharoni, Daniela Varela, Narayana, Jalisse, Vlad Mirita, Moran Mazor, Birgitta Haukdal, Vânia Fernandes, and Roberto Bellarosa,


You can look at other video from the concert and the shows from previous years on their official YouTube Channel here

We certainly hope that Portugal find their way back to Eurovision 2014 – as they will be missed again.

Parabéns Setubal


Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland, and NelsonCosta(YouTube Channel)


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