Eurovision Finals 2013

SWEDEN : Can I handle another Eric Saade song this month?

A-Lee Feating Eric Saade - "Flashy". Photograph courtesy of

A-Lee Feating Eric Saade – “Flashy”. Photograph courtesy of

Since coming third at Eurovision 2011, Eric Saade has been on a recording frenzy. With his new album released and now 4 videos released over the past few weeks, we thought we would have taken some down time. How wrong were we!

Just released in the song “Flashy” which is by Norwegian singer A-LEE and features Eric Saade. The song was released on August 13th (download) but the lyric video was only released 2 days ago.

There is something called over exposure – just ask Lady Gaga – so with another Eric Saade release we feared for him. However with A-LEE carrying the majority of the song – this is a funky 70’s disco inspired song with some thumping bass beats. Think Robin Thicke and you have this song.

Lyrically not that challenging but everything doesn’t have to be a Lennon and McCartney classic. Funky and definitely one that allows you to throw some “Saturday Night Fever” moves to. A very pleasant surprise!

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : A-Lee Music

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