Eurovision Finals 2013

UKRAINE : Ani Lorak performs in Ibiza

Ani Lorak in Ibiza. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Ani Lorak in Ibiza. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

This month has seen Ani Lorak – Ukraine representative 2008 – take to the stage in Ibiza. Not the tiny Balearic island but the club “Ibiza” in Odessa on the coast of the Black Sea in the Ukraine. The singer had no problem of getting the party goers in the dance mood.

We have several of her performances from the last couple of weeks on-line. The quality of the videos are not great, but you can see the Ukrainian star getting the holiday crowd on their feet.

Performing of course “Shady Lady” along with many of her other hits – including “It’s My Life” (not the Cezar version unfortunately). Ani on the stage in Ibiza is not uncommon – as she has done this before – but we hope that this could be the start of another Eurovision campaign.

There is a serious push by her record company to get her new song “Kindle The Heart” high in the national music charts.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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