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SWITZERLAND : New Music from 2006 Eurovision Entrant

Swiss Eurovision Contestant - Diama - releases her first solo song - the funky ""La Mossa". Photograph courtesy of Soundcloud

Swiss Eurovision Contestant – Diama – releases her first solo song – the funky “”La Mossa”. Photograph courtesy of Soundcloud

Switzerland at Eurovision in 2006 were one of my guilty pleasures, as it was Eurovision Old School – which I loved. Six4One were the band and they performed “If we all give a Little”. Well Swiss singer Diama from the band, has released her first solo song called “La Mossa”.

Diama aka Claudia d’Addio – has released the song “La Mossa” which is an Italian expression meaning “The Brush Off”. As the translation refers to, it is the act of giving a guy the “Brush Off” which is usually accompanied by a swish of the hips, a swirling sound and a kick in the air – I do it all the time and usually add in the word “Hey Girlfriend”.

Now I have found a guide to the act of performing the perfect “La Mossa” – you have been warned that I shall be using this in the clubs of Dublin from now on!

Diama’s song is already on the playlist of ESC Radio and is the first song from her up and coming album “We’re Not Done”. The single “La Mossa” is a funky R&B track with a great heavy drum beat with a little Dub Step thrown in. Diama’s vocals are full of attitude which give the song the “La Mossa” vibe.

Here is the preview of the song on soundcloud and you will like this track.

The song is available to download on iTunes now at

I have to indulge myself and remember Diama and her friends back in 2006 with their wonderful Eurovision song

When we get the official video from Diama we will sure to post it for you. Remember everyone to “La Mossa”.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – ESC Radio and Eurovision Ireland


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