Eurovision 2013

Eurovision Friday Favorites – Want to play with our “Golden Balls?”

Friday Favorites at Eurovision Ireland. Photograph courtesy of The Huffington Post

Friday Favorites at Eurovision Ireland. Photograph courtesy of The Huffington Post

Get your shorts and t-shirt on – “Friday Favorites” is here and while you are enjoying the great weather, we thought it was time to take to the football pitch! Something Eurovision related to put a smile on your face and start the weekend off.

Football and Eurovision? What have they got in common? With Eurovision every year in a stadium you can find it hard to tell who sings the loudest – Football Fans and their chants or Eurovision Die Hards trying to out-sing the artist on the stage! Well we have found the perfect compromise.

UK Footie Fans

Josh Dubovie or now known as Josh James – has to be bursting with pride with the British fans taking his song “That Sounds Good To Me” (UK 2010) from Oslo to the terraces and over 1 million views. Loving this rendition! Who needs 12 points when you can have “3 Lions on you shirt”

Germany score in the Penalty Shoot Out

The German fans are certainly not going to let their British football competition get one over on them! Never did Nicole’s wining “A Little Peace” (Germany 1982) sound so threatening – well I haven’t heard Carola’s version of it yet!

Italian Style

Mama Mia – the home of football (well they would like to think that) could certainly not be outdone. They give us their song with some “Ti Amo”.

Ukrainian Beauty

Who needs a full squad of players to score a goal when you have a stunner of a “Shady Lady” playing on your side. One thing – brush up on the English and Finesse guys. Funny looking at big burly bald men singing “gonna set you on fire” – oh that is Euroclub every year.

French Dancing

The French will never let us forget that they won the World Cup on home ground,  but this song surely should have been written for the terraces – like the dancing guys! ” ALLEZ OLLA OLÉ and some Ohh La La

Ireland Winners

NO – it is not a dream, but the Dublin football team Bohemian’s aka Bohs have as their team song the 1987 Eurovision winning entry “Hold Me Now” by Mr Eurovision Johnny Logan. Every match they intimidate (if that is the right word) the opposition with their rendition of the song. So Johnny had to pay them a visit!

Even without the King of Eurovision there, the supporters sing “Hold Me Now” – Just have to ask yourself “What were the German Football team and fans from Salzburg thinking when this happened!

Eurovision is The World Cup of Music – Oh who am I kidding! But these will have had to have made you smile – if not then there is no saving your soul or you are in serious denial – Again who am I kidding – it is Eurovision!

Bonus Track

Just because we are in the throws of a totally unusual mini Irish Heat Wave, I am suffering from heat stroke, so here is an added bonus for you today! Straight from our very good friend and Eurovision DJ Master – Louis Klomp – and the awesome team at – they have shared with us one funny article. Just imagine what would happen if your favorite Eurovision songs had just missed one letter in the titles – oh it could have scared a full generation looking at the tv screen around the world! Well Louis has done just that and wait until you see what they came up with below! I can never look at The Olsen Brothers Again in the same way!

Have a great weekend guys. Lots of sunscreen and plenty of fluids – and alcohol doesn’t count!

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland and

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