Eurovision Finals 2013

SWEDEN : Melodifestivalen’s “Army of Lovers” have “Crucified” La Camilla Again!

La Camilla is ejected from the band. Photograph courtesy of Facebook

LA Camilla is ejected from the band. Photograph courtesy of Facebook

The original – and the best – line up of Swedish pop group legends “Army of Lovers”, reformed for Melodifestivalen this year and brought us the highly underrated “Rockin the Ride”. It was a teenage dream come true to see  Alexander Bard, La Camilla and Jean-Pierre Barda back together on stage – where they belong.

However following their swift exit from Melodifestivalen, a large and very public argument broke out where La Camilla was ejected from the group AGAIN. The kick-out was followed by a bitter fight between Alexander Bard and Dominika Peczynski against La Camilla. Allegedly the argument was as a result of the out of time lip syncing on Camilla’s part  at Melodifestivalen – but it does look like they all were doing it!

So the band have reformed again with Bard, Peczynski and Barba and they have gone and remixed their classic song “Crucified” and the iconic video – which is sacrilegious in our books.! Peczynski lacks the voice, style and seductiveness of La Camilla, and the remix of the song is now just a hollow shell of its former  glory.

Get La Camilla and the original version of “Crucified” BACK NOW.

How could they do it again?

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Facebook, Aftonbladet and Eurovision Ireland

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