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UK 2014- Petitions for Harry Potter & Game of Thrones Actress for Eurovision 2014?

London Band Molotov Jukebox - UK Eurovision Act 2014? Photograph courtesy of

London Band Molotov Jukebox – UK Eurovision Act 2014? Photograph courtesy of

No not a fantasy or piece of fiction – but Natalia Tena who played “Nymphadora Tonks” in the Harry Potter film series and also “Osha” in the HBO series “Game of Thrones” is now a member of the band “Molotov Jukebox”.

If you are one that goes to the festival circuit – like Glastonbury recently – you will know the band “Molotov Jukebox”. Their music genre is “Gypstep” – a cross over between Gypsy/Balkan and Dub Step – yes “Gypstep”. They are a 6 piece band from London and have played across Europe and South America. The band can perform in many languages that have begun to see them grow in popularity.

Some of their fans have taken matters into their own hands and started on-line petition to have the band selected to represent the UK at Eurovision in 2014. So we decided to contact the band to see if they would consider entering the contest in 2014 or any year for that matter. They had no comment for us at present – so the door is open.

What is interesting with this band – as we had to do some research – is that their popularity seems to cover a wide demographic from young teenagers through to their parents. Having Natalia as the lead singer brings with it a large fan base as the Harry Potter and Game of Thrones are extremely loyal.

I would suggest that you listen to some of their music – I was pleasantly surprised and think that this would certainly raise the UK’s profile at Eurovision following the last 2 years results.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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