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IRELAND 2014 : Thursday’s Eurovision Talent Search

Shane Filan would be an ideal finalist in the Irish Eurosong contest for Eurovision 2014. Photograph courtesy of

Shane Filan would be an ideal finalist in the Irish Eurosong contest for Eurovision 2014. Photograph courtesy of

It’s Thursday so it means one thing – Eurovision Ireland’s “Thursday Talent Search” for Ireland’s Eurovision 2014 entrant. We got a huge reaction to last weeks selection that we had on offer. Shayne Ward, Roy Seven and Helene Hutchinson proved to be very popular with you all and got our biggest reaction to date. So who do we have on offer this week. Well we wanted to give you Country, RnB and Pop!

  • Nathan Carter
  • Samantha Mumba
  • Shane Filan

Nathan Carter

Nathan Carter - An up and coming Country Music Singer that we line. Photograph courtesy of

Nathan Carter – An up and coming Country Music Singer that we line. Photograph courtesy of

So who is Nathan Carter? Well he is by far the most popular Country music singer in Ireland and has re-invigorated the Country Music scene in the country. Born in Liverpool to Irish parents from County Down,  Nathan has sung since the age of 4 and by the young age of 12, he was winning “All Ireland” medals for his singing and accordion playing. In 2009 in a chance meeting at one of his concerts in Buncrana in Donegal, he met the song writer John Farry and within a few months they had formed a band and were touring Ireland.

Fast forward less that 4 years and Nathan has released 4 albums, a DVD and has toured the festivals and dance halls of Ireland. What is unique about Nathan is that his appeal in Ireland has been across gender and more importantly age. His concerts are filled with teenagers to grand parents.

Nathan’s music is very much modern country. The man has a wonderful voice and from his many years of performing and concert playing – he knows how to play to an audience. Eurovision is looking for the next new unique act. Loreen brought club music to the contest so why couldn’t Nathan not bring modern country to it? Eurovision has not had a strong modern country song at the contest. We should really open this genre of music up in the Irish National Contest. Don Mescal did that in the Irish National final of 2011. Could Nathan take it a step further? Great voice, Great Stage Performance and a Handsome young man – what more would you want!

Samantha Mumba

The stunning Samantha Mumba. Photograph courtesy of

The stunning Samantha Mumba. Photograph courtesy of

Now you could not get a more different act to Nathan Carter than our next suggestion for Eurovision 2014 – the wonderful Samantha Mumba. It seems that she has become even more beautiful as time has passed – must ask her for the secret!

Well what can we say about Samantha Mumba. 2000 saw her explode on the music scene. She was discovered by Louis Walsh on an Irish talent show “Let Me Entertain You” – where he snapped her up. She co-wrote her album “Gotta Tell You” which saw the first single – of the same name – make #1 in Ireland, #2 in the UK and #4 in America. The song helped launch her career.

She followed this song up with the David Bowie sampled “Body to Body (Mama Said)” and “Baby Come on Over” – that brought her to the attention of Hollywood. The songs went onto be a hits in Ireland and the UK. We particularity like the last song to be taken from the “Gotta Tell You” album called “Lately”. A strong RnB song with gospel overtones.

There was one further hit to come for Mumba which was the great pop/RnB song “I’m Right Here” that features Bob Marley’s song Damian in the video. The song went Top 5 in the Uk and was a hit in Ireland too. However Hollywood was to come calling and Samantha went on to star in the big budget movie “The Time Machine” with actors Guy Pierce and Jeremy Irons. She has starred in 7 movies in total ranging in roles. Samantha then declared that she was nolonger followoing her music career.

So why are we suggesting Samantha then? Well only a couple of weeks ago Samantha confirmed that she has signed a $1million acting role in a big budget movie – but the leading role is in a Musical Film and is being touted as being bigger than “Les Miserables”. The contracts have been signed and filming will begin soon and will be completed by the end of the year. Now it does not take a rocket scientist to know that having a song from an up and coming movie being in the Eurovision Song Contest seen my hundreds of millions of people – is the best trailer for a movie!

Now I can also reveal that we had some of our friends here at Eurovision Ireland – who know Samantha Mumba –  pose the question “Would she consider Eurovision” – and the response was very vague. She was of course preparing for her wedding last year so she was limiting her work commitments but there was definitely no cringing from her when posed with the question. So we are going to ask the question again to her. So stay tuned! We would love to see Samantha in the Irish National Final.

Shane Filan

Shane Filan would be an ideal finalist in the Irish Eurosong contest for Eurovision 2014. Photograph courtesy of

Shane Filan would be an ideal finalist in the Irish Eurosong contest for Eurovision 2014. Photograph courtesy of

Nothing much to say but “Ex Westlife Star”. This is a complete no brainer!! Earlier this year when Eurovision Ireland had posted that Shane Filan was potentially in the running for Eurosong 2013 – the bookmakers took up on our speculation and the odds shortened dramatically on him being announced as a finalist. So much attention came that even Filan took to Twitter to thank us for considering him for Eurovision and that it would be an honor to represent his country.

Well yesterday Shane’s first solo single “Everything to me” – was leaked onto the internet in advance of it’s launch on August 23rd. Shane was planning on giving the very first copy of the single to RTE TV presenter and Eurosong Host “Ryan Turbridy”, this Friday on his radio show to play. That has all had to be put on hold now. Shane’s team said ““This is a huge blow to Shane’s career, everything had been planned out to the day and this has completely wrecked it.”

Well we think this is not a complete loss as thousands of people have now listened to the song and the reaction to it has been hugely positive – and we a;so get to show you the video! You cannot mistake Shane’s voice for anyone else. He was always one of the principle singers in Westlife along with Mark Feehily.

“Everything to Me” is a PERFECT Eurovision song – catchy, memorable and musically accomplished – I think that this ticks all of the boxes to score a Eurovision Hit. This is Shane’s debut single form his new album. He is being managed by Louis Walsh – who brought us Westlife and Irish Eurovision Acts Johnny Logan, Linda Martin and of course Jedward. Louis loves Eurovision and knows that if it managed correctly that it will bring chart success. So I have no doubt that he will be telling Shane that Eurovsion will open doors for his solo career.

Shane was one of the members of Westlife who were one of the most successful bands of all time. They sold over 50 million records and had 14#1 singles in the UK –  just behind Cliff Richard, Elvis and The Beatles. Their success was all over Europe and Shane’s name would be a huge source of interest in a potential Eurovision entry. You just know that whatever song you gave him he would give it 200% on the live stage. If we had a magic Eurovision wish we would love to have Shane singing this Westlife classic – their best by a country mile!

So there you have it. 3 diverse yet talented singers that would be amazing on the Eurosong and Eurovision stage. As we keep saying – we need to continue to interest well known singers and new talent to the contest. This will generate further interest in the contest as a whole and also find that next big star.

Let us know what you think of our 3 choices this week? Any suggestions on whom we should feature next week?

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Don’t forget that Samanthat Mumba has been confirmed as an act on the Hit so she seems to be attempting a music comeback at the moment.

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