Eurovision 2014

IRELAND : Shayne Ward Willing to Sing For Ireland at Eurovision?

Thursday Talent Search at Eurovision Ireland - Could Shayne Ward represent Ireland at Eurovision 2014? Photograph courtesy of

Shayne Ward At Eurovision? Photograph courtesy of

Shayne ward willing to sing for Ireland at Eurovision! This is the news that broke earlier this week on RTE Radio. On the Derek Mooney Radio show this week they interviewed Eurovision song-writer Karl Broderick.

Karl was speaking on the international success of the recent song “Another You” which has been recorded by a Russian pop star. In the interview – that you can listen to HERE – Karl spoke of this year’s Eurosong selection in Ireland.

He explained how upset he was at the accusations that had been made against him and his act Eoghan Quigg but interestingly he also spoke how UK X-Factor winner Shayne Ward was also in the frame with the song with the hope of going to Eurovision and representing Ireland.

It seems that Shayne is interested in Eurovision and representing Ireland at Eurovision.

Now we suggested Shayne Ward for Eurovision last year – see HERE and HERE

Add to this Karl said that he has potentially a song in mind for Eurosong 2015 with a well-known Irish Female singer. Oh how we would love to see Samantha Mumba in the Irish Selection alongside Shayne Ward! Something we also suggested last year – See HERE #JustSaying

Is it too early to start dreaming?

What do you think of Shayne Ward representing Ireland at Eurovision?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : RTE Radio and Eurovision Ireland

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  1. we should pick shane ward, buy not mumba, we have seen in the past that black singers don’t tend to do well are eurovision (stella 2011, guitana 2012, riskykidd 2014) so i feel if we pick her it will ruin our chances.

  2. Oh dear God…please no more Karl Broderick at Eurosong. Or washed-up former pop stars for that matter.

    Talk about taking a giant step backwards…

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