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First Act for Eurovision 2014 Decided – Valentina Monetta goes for the Hat Trick

Valetina Monetta - San Marino Representative at Eurovision 2014. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Valetina Monetta – San Marino Representative at Eurovision 2014. Photograph courtesy of YouTube

Valentina Monetta will represent San Marino at Eurovision 2014 in Denmark. According to our good friends at ESC Xtra – a pre-agreement has been signed this morning in the headquarters of the Sanmarinese television station SMTV.

The pre-agreement between Fabrizio Raggi (the artistic director) and Ralph Siegel (composer) will See Valentina Monetta return to Eurovision for the third time in a row.

Valentina Monetta represented San Marino in Baku and again in Malmö this year. She will join an elite group of artists who have all sang at Eurovision 3 times in a row – Lys Assia for Switzerland, Corry Brokken for the Netherlands, and Udo Jurgens for Austria.

The decision to have Valentina back at Eurovision is certainly built on her following that has grown between Baku and Malmo and the good will that seems to be out their in Eurovision land for her. We are sure that had the staging of her song this year had not been so abstract, that she would have made the Grand Final.

We ask that they let Valentina sing a good Jazz/Pop song as this is her strength and she would certainly bring a quality song of this nature to life on stage – though no giving birth to lamps on stage next year.

Fingers crossed for Valentina in 2014.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – ESC Xtra and SMTV

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  1. That`s very good news………..We loved Valentina and her song…..For me that was the best song at this this year……I hope She`ll sing something like ” Crisalide ” and perform on second part…….And hope, fans won`t leave her alone and will vote for her………..

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