United Kingdom : UKIP Demand a Referendum on Eurovision Participation

Uk Referendum on Eurovision Participation?  Photograph courtesy KeepCalm

Uk Referendum on Eurovision Participation?
Photograph courtesy KeepCalm

The United Kingdom has been in the throes of a massive debate on whether they should be in or out of the European Union. The national polling survey group “YouGov”, have completed their periodic surveys and following Eurovision 2013 they replaced “European Union” with “Eurovision Song Contest” for a week of surveys. The results were surprising.

The survey shows that if a referendum on Eurovision were held, the UK’s voters would vote to leave the song contest, with only 29% voting to remain in it. Among UK Independence Party (UKIP) voters, only 13% would vote to remain in the contest.

32% of the survey’s respondents said they want the government to hold an in-out referendum on Eurovision (44% said they were opposed, while 24% said they weren’t sure). The majority of UKIP voters with an opinion said they want the UK to hold such a referendum.

The demographic patterns are roughly the same for both the EU and the Eurovision question. More people would turn up for a vote on the EU than would for a vote on Eurovision (5% abstention for the EU versus 26% for Eurovision), but the proportional split among people who would vote is roughly the same for each question (roughly 56% of people who would vote want to leave the EU/ESC, in both cases).

In both cases, the majority of people under 40 would vote to stay in the EU/ESC, while the majority of people over 40 would vote to leave. London is the region in which people are most likely to want to remain in both.

In summary those who want to leave the European Union also feel the need to leave the Eurovision Song Contest (even if they don’t watch it). Is this where the disconnect lies with the UK and Eurovision? Decades of Terry Wogan running the contest into the ground,  instilling false statistics and comments on alleged block voting denying the UK success and the failure at sending a current song and singer could explain the lack of trust in the Eurovision in the UK survey!

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Eurovision Song Contest)

Eurovision is not won on 12 and 10 points – it is on the 6-7 points awarded that will usually guarantee Eurovision Glory – Terry Wogan failed to tell you that. Sure look at this year’s contest. Azerbaijan received the most 12 points in this year’s contest – from 10 countries while the eventual winner Denmark received 8 maximum set of points. When it came to the 10 points Denmark received 7 of them while Ukraine received 8 of them. When it came to the 6-8 points Denmark received 12 of these while Azerbaijan received 8 and Ukraine 7.

Despite the YouGov poll rusults try to compare 2 very separate organisations – A political Body and a Song Contest – it is interesting to see that the survey showed the same proportion of level of mistrust by the UK in European Centralised institutions. All a bit of harmless yet still interesting fun.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – EuropeanVoice and Eurovision Ireland

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  1. I wish the BBC would leave it to the regional channels counterparts. Each entity of the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) could be represented in the contest like they are in international sport events for instance. Why not ? It would be culturally and strategically interesting. We might get more celtic music.

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