Eurovision 2013

Eurovision 2013 – Grand Final Running Order Confirmed

Jury Voting Grand Final Rehearsal of Eurovision 2013 - Rolling Blog - Photograph Eurovision Ireland

Jury Voting Grand Final Rehearsal of Eurovision 2013 – Rolling Blog – Photograph Eurovision Ireland

The Grand Final Running order has been confirmed – it reads as follows

  1. France
  2. Lithuania
  3. Moldova
  4. Finland
  5. Spain
  6. Belgium
  7. Estonia
  8. Belarus
  9. Malta
  10. Russia
  11. Germany
  12. Armenia
  13. The Netherlands
  14. Romania
  15. United Kingdom
  16. Sweden
  17. Hungary
  18. Denmark
  19. Iceland
  20. Azerbaijan
  21. Greece
  22. Ukraine
  23. Italy
  24. Norway
  25. Georgia
  26. Ireland

Initial Thoughts

  • A slower start to the contest where Finland will be the first big upbeat song – one to watch
  • Ireland closing the show will be a big finish to the contest – the last time a final position song won was in 1989 (Yugoslavia)
  • Denmark (the favorite) will perform in 18th which is a usually good position but with the second half of the draw loaded with strong contenders it will not have as much an impact
  • The non-English songs have been dispersed in positions 1, 3, 5, 7 and then 17, 19 and 21

Let the analysis begin!

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland


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  1. Just a question. I heard the commercial break will be after Armenia and before Netherlands. Will this affect the Dutch chances for a TOP 10 spot? Or are we usually overestimating the importance of the commercial break?

  2. I just don’t see Italy connecting with Saturday’s viewers for some reason. I’ll be happy if Marco gets a good placing but am not sure on the win.

  3. I’m sooooo in for Italy next year!!!!

    I was sad for France, bad bad draw.. Yesterday i mostly enjoyed watching Azerbaijan (brilliant show) and greece (the most energetic one!)

    I still can’t understand what’s the fuss with Norway.. but EBU certainly did their best to have all scandinavian countries high on the scoreboard…

    • Think it is a great draw – away from the bug favorites and probably means that they scored really high in the public vote and SVT always like to put a fan favorite on last #HAPPY

  4. I really love this draw. I’m pretty confident that this cancels out a huge grand slam victory. Denmark winning? Not sure anymore now, as Norway has got a wunderful draw as well, smashed between two completely different songs.

    Finland and Netherlands now stand out a bit too. There is a commercial break after Netherlands. And I think Armenia and Romania, initial qualifiers, in this final are pretty much no-hopers.

    Also good starting grids for Greece and Italy. And don’t underestimate Hungary.

    I could see Finland ending higher than many expect now, as it is the first big show act after three consecutive slower entries.

    Russia following Malta will cancel out a very high TOP 5 finish for both. Same with Azerbeidzjan following Iceland, though for Iceland that is more destructive.

    I can’t see Germany ending high. Song is just not strong enough…..and quite dated dance stuff. Kate Ryan, remember her?

    Contenders for the TOP 10 in alfabetical order:
    – Azerbeidzjan,
    – Denmark (TOP 3),
    – Finland,
    – Georgia,
    – Greece (TOP 5),
    – Italy (TOP 3),
    – Moldova,
    – Netherlands (TOP 5),
    – Norway (TOP 3),
    – Russia.

    Outsiders (In alfabetical order):
    – Belgium
    – Hungary
    – Malta
    – Sweden (TOP 12)
    – Ukraine (TOP 12)

    • Some good thoughts there Gert. Finland are big winners – Denmark is nolonger the stand out winner. Think Ireland stands a good chance of a high finish. Greece looking dangerous now

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