Eurovision 2013

Sweden – Second Eurovision Rehearsal with Video

Robin-Stjernberg - Swedish Eurovision representative 2013. Photograph courtesy fo FaceBook

Robin-Stjernberg – Swedish Eurovision representative 2013. Photograph courtesy fo FaceBook

Robin St Jernberg takes to the stage for his second rehearsal at Eurovision 2013

(YouTube Video courtesy of ESCKaz)

Garrett’s View

This is still looking and sounding over produced. The dancers are distracting and the costumes are highly unflattering and this is not coming across well on camera and the reaction in the Press Hall has been non existent. I fear for the host nation.

Andrew’s view

Well its vocally fine but that is all, fine doesn’t cut it for me. The podium used to dance around and stand on is still prominent and the dancersare more than a distraction. This is a competent but safe song from Sweden who are not looking to win 2 in a row.

Stephen’s view

Oh Dear, Sweden – poor staging / poor vocals / poor everything. Its clear the 2 in a row is far from the minds of SVT. Its 3 minutes of awkwardness. Robin just doesn’t look comfortable in his Daz White outfit and the dancers to indeed distract from this mediocre performance.

Author – Eurovision Ireland

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Well Sweden are not interested in hosting twice in a row… Great voice… decent enough song but the staging is abysmal…. The in-your-face dancers?! Is the un-choreographed look choreography the in thing now?? (Belgium & Sweden) … Reminded me of the two lunatic dancers who destroyed the fabulous Eva Santa Maria’s great song Hombres, in Millstreet ’93 …Nope.. Sweden is out of the running for me… in fact, I’d put them in the bottom 10 on Saturday

  2. Phew! Had a worry Sweden might cancel out Ireland but not by the sounds of this. Hoping we are kept away from Denmark too (prefer to come after them) No Elaine today? Welcome Stephen 🙂

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