Monday May 13th – What is happening at Eurovision 2013 today?

Farid Mammadov - Azerbaijan Eurovision Representative 2013 - Photograph Eurovision Ireland

Farid Mammadov – Azerbaijan Eurovision Representative 2013 – Photograph Eurovision Ireland

Monday May 13th – so what is happening today at Eurovision? Well there will be the first full dress rehearsal of Semi Final 1 at 17:00 (CET) and the 2nd one at 21:00 (CET). We will be in the arena and will have a rolling blog of the show so we can see how the songs come across on stage back to back and hopefully see the post cards that will introduce the songs and see Petra (our Eurovision Presenter) take to the stage for the first time. We are hoping for some surprises from SVT – so we will keep you up to date. 

Today we are going to a photo shoot with Bonnie Tyler (UK Representative) and Farid Mammadov (Azerbaijan Representative) in the afternoon and we will let you know how that goes. We also hope to record some of our predictions for the semi finals for you – and see if “You – oh oh oh oh ohhhh” (as Robin would say) agree with us.

Lots happening today – plus a few articles next of last night’s opening ceremony and some meet and greets with Ireland’s Ryan Dolan and team Denmark and Austria, so stay tuned!!

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Great work guys ! Your coverage is TOP CLASS!! and really adds to the excitement of the event.

    Come on IRELAND

  2. Hi Guys,
    Thanks for allyour updates. You are all doing a great job. You mention above that there is a dress rehearsal for SEMI 2 tonight at 21.00? Just wondering is this not the Jury Final for Semi 1? Or when will that be?

    Can you also tell us where Ireland stands on the Press Poll?

    Thanks again for all your efforts.


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