Eurovision 2013 - Dress Rehearsals

Bonnie Tyler – Takes to the stage for her first Eurovision Rehearsal

Bonnie Tyler - Eurovision 2013 UK Representative - Photograph courtesy of FaceBook

Bonnie Tyler – Eurovision 2013 UK Representative – Photograph courtesy of FaceBook

Bonnie Tyler takes to the stage for her first rehearsal of her Eurovision 2013 song, Believe In Me at The Malmo Arena.

Andrew’s view

Not a huge fan of the song it has to be said and I was a bit underwhelmed by the choice of Bonnie Tyler. Also I was not impressed by the live Graham Norton Show performance both vocally and visually. Taking all that into consideration you can now throw it all out the window as this is now a much more polished article indeed. Vocally Bonnie is in fine fettle and is belting out the song like the pro that she truly is. She appears confidant and there is a lot less of the flailing arms/windmill effect we saw on Graham Norton. She is standing to the side of her ‘band’ on the main stage and there is a hint of soft focus on the camera work. She then starts to go walkabout in front of the band then toward the catwalk. She ends the song on the satellite stage which begins to raise up and there are some cracking camera shots here which will be dramatically enhanced by a full audience. No Pyros or smoke and I don’t think it needs that. An impressive rehearsal which is well received in the press centre.

Garrett’s View

The first run through was a little shaky but Bonnie got into her stride and put through a solid performance this afternoon. What I am really enjoying is that she has her band with her and it all looks natural and in keeping with the fact that she is a performer and has been all her life.

A simple warm orange/red back drop which enhances the performance. A soft focus lens is used on Bonnie which adds to the warmth of the act. Bonnie has thankfully calmed down her stage antics that she used on the Graham Norton show last week and it is much better and does not detract from the song

Bonnie walks out on the catwalk for the climax of the song where the end of the runway rises into the air with spotlights underneath. With some great camera shots this is really effective. Bidding for a good result one thinks.

Elaine’s view

Having moved apartments today, I got into the press centre as Bonnie was finishing her second run through and the reaction in the press centre was great. People were smiling and telling me how great it was. I caught run through 3 and 4 and I am delighted with the package all in all.

I loved the pink trousers Bonnie was wearing with the writing on them although we doubt this will be her final outfit. The staging has been left simple with her and 5 band members to her left. There are some nice camera angles and soft focus shots and thankfully no fireworks and unneccessary fluff. The backing singers seem to be carrying a fair bit of the vocal in her higher register but this is a good thing.

The walk down the catwalk looked a little clunky but I think the shoes Bonnie was wearing were part of the reason. She raises up on a plinth at the end and the soft use of wind machine gives a great effect. There will be a few tweaks needed here and there but a great first rehearsal for Bonnie Tyler and a great feeling for the UK press here in the Malmo Arena.

Bonnie Tyler Minipops Icons T-shirts worn by Elaine, Juha, David, Jude and Paul

Bonnie Tyler Minipops Icons T-shirts worn by Elaine, Juha, David, Jude and Paul

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  1. I agree that she was not great vocally on Graham Norton…very uneven in some of the lower ranges. Bonnie as an artist is better than the song…….it’ll score mid division on the night and at least it will not be in the Daz Simpson/Scooch/Engelbert bracket!!

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