Eurovision 2013 - Dress Rehearsals

Finland – First Rehearsal – Day 3 DING DONG!!!!!

Krista Siegfrids - Finland  Eurovision 2013 Contestant opens Miss Drag Queen Finland Contest

Krista Siegfrids – Finland Eurovision 2013 Contestant – Photograph courtesy of Facebook

Krista Siegfrids takes to the stage for the first rehearsal of her song Marry Me for Finlandat Eurovision 2013.


Krista performs in her full wedding gown whilst her 3 female backing dancers surround her in purple velvet suits and masks, one of which is sporting a moustache. He 2 backing singers are dressed as maids with red leather aprons on (I’m pretty certain Ann Summers did a roaring trade). Krista is sporting a bandage on her knee but this does not deter her energy in any way.


The backdrop is very VEGAS with her name up in lights and lots of colours. Midway through the performance a large veil is pulled up and over her, floating in the air powered by a wind machine. At the same time there is a quick costume change by 2 of the backing dancers, whose purple suits turn into long pink bridesmaid dresses as Krista finally approaches her wedding day.

As the song fades, one of the maids becomes Krista’s “groom” and let’s just say – “She kissed a girl and she liked it”. After the kiss between Krista and one of her bridesmaids the EBU official could be heard jokingly saying “No Tongues Please” – and Krista laughed off her disappointment.

Final Analysis

This performance is full of fun, colour and in the current climate of discussions surrounding Same Sex Marriage, could prove to be one of the most relevant songs of the contest.

Author/Contributor Elaine Dove

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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