Eurovision Contestant 2013

Ryan Dolan & Bonnie Tyler perform live last night

Ryan Dolan - Irish Representative at Eurovision 2013. Photograph courtesy of RTE

Ryan Dolan – Irish Representative at Eurovision 2013. Photograph courtesy of RTE

Last night Ryan Dolan (Irish Eurovision Representative 2013) and Bonnie Tyler (Uk Eurovision Representative 2013) took to the stage in Dublin and London on the Late Late Show and The Graham Norton Show respectively.

Ryan performed live on the Late Late Show in the customary “good luck for Eurovision” performance in advance to him travelling to Malmo next Monday to begin rehearsals on the Eurovision stage. Here is the link to the RTE player where you see Ryan’s performance. He was the first person on the sho so it is the beginning of the show. Looking and sounding great!

Bonnie Tyler - Uk Eurovision 2013 Representative

Bonnie Tyler – Uk Eurovision 2013 Representative

Next up was Bonnie Tyler performing on the Graham Notron show on BBC1. She sang “Believe In Me” to rapturous applause from the audience. She still has that star power

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Music Fantasy 2)

We had the pleasure to meet up with Ryan Dolan half an hour before his performance above – so stay tuned for the video of that interview coming soon. Thanks to Ryan, Stuart (His Mentor), Conor (His Manager) and Rayna (RTE Head of Press) for their time.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – RTE/BBC and Eurovision Ireland

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  1. I am soooooo impressed with Ireland’s song now it has come on so much..everyone is in tune now and it looks excellent I just really really hope that this has a chance at winning because it really is the best song this year…and I HATE!!!! Denmarks terrible overrated song…

  2. I enjoyed Bonnie. I think she’ll do just fine in Malmo though some people elsewhere don’t seem to think so.
    Am so very pleased with Ryan’s performance. He sang the song well, looked good, connected well with the camera, his backing singers were so much better and overall this has come on leaps and bounds. Quite happy. Keep it up team Ireland. I look forward to seeing the full, polished version.

      • Ooh am so excited now. I remember when Jedward were first selected with Lipstick (I was on the Sligo jury with Charlie McGettigan) and some people were shocked we put them top but I always knew it would look great on the bigger stage which of course it did. They even walked off with the ‘Artists Award’ voted by all the commentators. It looked and sounded fabulous and gave Ireland a great result. I’m hoping for something similar from Ryan this year. Good stuff.

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