Eurovision Promotional Tours in full swing

Eurovision Pre Contest Tours by artists are in full swing. Photograph courtesy of

Eurovision Pre Contest Tours by artists are in full swing. Photograph courtesy of

Touring and appearing at European Eurovision events/shows in the run up to the Eurovision Song Contest is no new innovation. However this year has seen a marked increase in countries undertaking these tours. With the “Eurovision in Concert” show the “London Pre Contest Party” being both a huge success – there have been many artists hitting the Eurovision Campaign trail over the last week. 

(YouTube Video courtesy of Eurovision 013TV)

Alyona Lanaskaya from Belarus was rehearsing in Belgrade but she attended the Pre-Eurovision show in Belgium yesterday. She was joined by Cezar from Romania and Roberto Bellarosa from Belgium.

Dina Garipova who is representing Russia at Eurovision this year, returned from touring Lithuania to Moscow where she hosted the Pre-Eurovision Russian Party in the capital. She is then off to Sweden for their Annual “Schlager Night” party on May 3rd and 4th.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Eurovision)


Aliona Moon of Moldova went promoting in Romania, Belgium, Belarus and Ukraine and was also a guest of Dina Garipova in Moscow for the Russian Party. Ireland’s Ryan Dolan went to Moscow too after the invite from the Russian Delegation and also managed to perform with ex T.a.T.u. member – Lena Katina– concert in Moscow too.

(YouTube Videos Courtesy of EurovisionKZ)

Robin Stjernberg of the host country “Sweden” was also in Moscow for Promotion. Elitsa and Stoyan of Bulgaria have been very busy visiting Belgium, Greece, and Russia – where they played at an International Jazz festival last Friday. Bonnie Tyler continued her tour of Germany while Farid Mammadov of Azerbaijan spent last weekend in Malta appearing on several shows.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Eurovision)

We are sure that there have been many more artists touring but we just took a quick snapshot. It seems that many countries see this year as an open contest and that they have a good shot at winning the title. 

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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