What country wants to win Eurovision most this year? Discuss

Loreen with the Eurovision Trophy that she will pass onto the winner of Eurovision 2013. Photograph courtesy of Digital Spy

Loreen with the Eurovision Trophy that she will pass onto the winner of Eurovision 2013. Photograph courtesy of Digital Spy

What country wants to win Eurovision the most this year? It is one thing to have the hope and wish to win Eurovision but what countries seem to be putting resources into promoting and preparing their artist for Eurovision. One country seems to be making a huge plash in the social media and promotional stakes – and that country is last year’s hosts Azerbaijan.

Yes Farid Mammadov – whom was our favorite artist in the Azeri National Selection process and our prediction to win weeks before he did – has been heavily working in an attempt to bring the contest back to Baku after a year’s Hiatus.

He came to our notice with his performance of Lithuania’s “Love is Blind” in the heats of Milli Secim Turu 2013. WOW is what we say when we heard and saw him perform this song.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of azeurovision)

It was no surprise here at Eurovision Ireland when he won the Azeri Final with the song “Hold Me”. Since winning the National Selection, Azeri television have gone on a major PR initiative across not only Europe but the Internet too. Yes his use of Social Media has been perfectly organised. Firstly came the Facebook page and Twitter Account. Then the website charting his travels across Europe and his preparations.

His videos show the man behind the song. In the latest we see him in rehearsals with legendary Greek stage director Fokas Evangelinos as they begin work on the stage show for Malmo

(YouTube Video Courtesy of FaridMammadovESC)

Very smart move is to send out requests to follow his pre-Malmo tour on Facebook and YouTube via a video message

(YouTube Video Courtesy of FaridMammadovESC)


(YouTube Video Courtesy of FaridMammadovESC)


(YouTube Video Courtesy of FaridMammadovESC)

Not only this but Azeri TV have sent Farid on an extensive tour across countries that are likely to score him well at Eurovision based on previous years. These include Italy, Greece, Malta, Lithuania to name but a few.

Will this touring turn into votes? Well we think it will as it is generating interest in the artist and in a Eurovision that could be wide open in the Grand Final, this could be a smart move. To add to this – “Hold Me” – is a strong contemporary ballad and should ensure that Azerbaijan makes the Grand Final and be in the hunt for another Eurovision Win.


(YouTube Video Courtesy of Eurovision)

What countries do you think are working the social media and touring as much or even more than Azerbaijan this year and is it worth it?

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Malta no doubt wants to win it and would it not be great? However at the end of the day it depends on a decent song and a good performance so all the touring and social networking in the world won’t win the contest without those vital elements.

    • Very True Sean – Great PR cannot hide bad vocals or a bad stage presentation – look at France last year. Lots of PR and touring but the stage presentation was non cohesive and looked messy on camera – a shame.

      Malta have promised an open aired Eurovision of sorts if they win. Oh the sun on my head would be nice 😉

      • That would be cool Garrett, Although I just don’t see Malta pulling it off this year so don’t invest in the sun block just yet! I would love San Marino to do it though, great song and it would be really interesting to see how such a tiny nation would put on the show!

  2. And of course Malta is desperate to win. Ukraine (not a big fan of the song) look like contenders and am sure Georgia would love the opportunity.

  3. I believe Germany, at least the German fans and audience, want the trophy back: if not, they would not have chosen suc a widely known and popular singer like Cascada.Spain certainly wants to win given a similar choice in popularity, though less extended than Cascada.
    Bonnie tyler’s case is different though: I think it is more about her own promotion (and that’s what Eurovision is also about) , even if a win would be of course welcome.
    Otherwise, I do think Ireland want the trophy back: the fact that ballads have been disregarded these late years shows it. And this year’s choice is the strongest ever since the 2000’s. But the singer needs to sing more in tune.Belgium have a similar song, so I would suspect them to want the trophy back too.
    Norway and Denmark want the trophy back too for sure. San Marin certainly wants it too but for the moment it is more about going to the final and do well for them.
    As for the others, I don’t know.

      • Yes, for sure, they would like to be the first country to win a double since the beginning of the televoting era (though now it is associated with jury voting). They could organise the contest twice in a row with no problem as they have cut the costs (with which I totally agree). But to my mind, something lacks in their song compared to some other dance tracks in the contest. It will do well though. Ohio could have been a stronger contender for victory.

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