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Exclusive Live Performance of Ireland’s Ryan Dolan singing “Only Love Survives”

Ryan Dolan - Ireland's Eurovision 2013 Contestant with his song "Only Love Survives"

Ryan Dolan – Ireland’s Eurovision 2013 Contestant with his song “Only Love Survives”

Ireland’s Eurovision Representative Ryan Dolan has been busy trying to find Ireland’s future singing talents at the recent Irish “Teenstars Singing Competition – 2013”. At last weekends final not only was Ryan judging but he took to the stage and performed his Eurovision song (that he co-wrote with Wez Devine) “Only Love Survives”.

One can certainly hear that he is looking to score high at Eurovision this year. With a creative Eurovision stage production in the making we know that Ryan is set to put on a spectacular performance in Malmo. 

Congratulations to the “Teenstars Singing Contest” on their highly successful competition and for searching for future Irish talent – and for sharing the video with us here at Eurovision Ireland

Author/Website Co-Founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland – YouTube Video Courtesy of Cliff Dean and Photograph Courtesy of

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  1. Ryan and his amazing team performing at the Teenstars all Ireland final hve to say sound & stage is fantastic

  2. Not only the voice of a superstar he has the personality of a true gentleman .. Winner !!! Xxx # onlylove survives xx

  3. The eurovision isn’t too bad this year…but in my opinion its nothing on the past two years..although saying that my top 5 is
    Denmark is good too but a little overrated…thanks for letting me know 😀

    • Good selection Jason – Something there for all tastes in your Top 5 which is the great thing about Eurovision – Where would you get a Euro Dance act like Cascada performing alongside a ballad like that of Dina Garipova. Liking them all. What do you think of San Marino, Montenegro, Malta, Uk, The Netherlands and Azerbaijan?

      • San Marino are brilliant this year they have really stepped it up this year. I hated montenegro at first but it has grown on me a lot but in sayin that i think that making the final may be tough for them and the same for malta..however i believe that semi 2 is much weaker than semi 1 this year.UK arent too good this year im not really a fan.The netherlands is tough to call..i loved last years song but this year i think that there is something may do well though..azerbaijan have sent a lovely ballad as always im impressed for a top 5..i doubt it but a top 10 is possible..i also like norways song btw but BOMBO was a much better song in my opinion ;]

        • San Marino is wonderful this year. This song is closer to Valentina’s roots. Have you seen her swing version of “Social Network”?
          Oh we think that Malta will qualify and hopefully Montenegro. They are almost up to 1 million hits on Youtube. Would be great to see The Netherlands qualify – agreed they Joan should have been a finalist last year.Azerbaijan is another strong entry for them and Bombo – well we wrote an article on that too 😉 but we do love Margaret Berger

  4. it says that there will be a creative stage production..can anyone give any information on what the staging for ryans song will be like and why is the song SO underrated this year!!!!!!

    • Well we are with you on that score Jason – we think that Ryan is a serious contender this year so being not in the betting odds is not a real problem. Nobody had Jedward placed in 2011 and they stormed the Top 10 ahead of other favorites. We think that the Big Eurovision stage will certainly play well for Ryan’s song – especially with the drums etc. As for the stage production we will let you know later on for sure. Who do you think is in the running this year?

      • Apparently video graphics will feature heavily in the stage show according to the composer Wez Devine, and Stuart O’Connor said at one point he was toying with the idea of putting some of the Only Love Survives video on the screens.

    • It’s a bit baffling why the song is being ignored by fans this year, It’s a strong, contemporary entry and he’s a good singer. But it’s not Eurovision fans Ryan needs to impress anyway, just the televoters and juries on the night 🙂

  5. What a fantastic performance i am ssoooooo excited for may now Ryan sounds spot on!!!! I have to ask though will the backing singers still be there in may??

        • I think Aidan that the LLS performance is due to the sound mixing in Studio 4 in RTE. It is not the best for big live performances – did you see the version of Zoe from within the studio – it was very different from what was broadcast. It happens each year. The backing singer mix will be perfect in Malmo. Trust me 😉

  6. Very encouraging performance from Ryan. I have felt all along this song would be best suited to a big arena and not so much the small venues we’ve seen it in so far. With the right staging, it’s the type of entry that could have the audience on it’s feet in Malmo.

    Strangely, at least some Eurovision fans this year seem to have convinced themselves that Ryan is not a good singer, but I’d be quietly confident he will shut his critics up at ESC. He has a great song and I don’t he will be a liability to his own composition.

  7. My main concern with the Irish entry is the backing vocalists. The two girls in Eurosong weren’t good and far too loud in the mix. I sincerely hope the Irish delegation addresses this. With a good staging I would hope to see Ryan in the final. Best of luck.

  8. Excellent vocals from Ryan, huge improvement from what we heard at eurosong. Maybe I’m being overly optimistic here, but with those vocals and the right staging in Malmo, I really think he can go all the way =)

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