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Switzerland : Heilsarmee Becomes “Takasa” as the group is rebranded

"Taksa" will represent Switzerland at Eurovision 2013

“Takasa” will represent Switzerland at Eurovision 2013

Swiss Broadcaster SRF have announced that their Eurovision 2013 entrants “Heilsarmee” will now be known as “Takasa” for the contest. Gone are their Salvation Army Uniforms and in place a uniform of White Shirts and Black Trousers – restaurant waiters around Europe are up in arms.

A brand spanking new video to accompany the new name and we have “Takasa on the road to Malmö! (You And Me)”

SRF advised that “Takasa” is Swahili and means “purify – to cleanse something of impurities”. Good to see that the Swiss are looking after our well-being.   “Taksa” could be a wonderful ploy to win the local Swedish people over – “Tack så mycket”

With almost 450,000 hits on the previous official video – this small rule altercation has given “Takasa” a lot of publicity!

Source – SFR and Eurovision Ireland

Photograph courtesy of and YouTbve Video courtesy of embedded owner

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