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Melodifestivalen : Sixth and Final Jury Votes Announced from Malta


Eurovision Ireland in association with our European colleagues have come to the final Jury to vote in our Melodifestivalen jury and On-line poll. The last country to vote is that of Malta. So who could we get to review the finalists at Melodifestivalen? There was only one person we could go to and it was Eurovision Ireland’s friend Marc Calleja Bayliss who is the founder and Editor in Chief of which is one of the leading Eurovision Sites. Marc is heavily involved in the Maltese Music Scene and reports on every country at Eurovision each year with his team. We are very happy that Marc reviewed and scored this years Melodifestivalen Finalists. 


Jury Review of the Finalists

Song 1:  Tell The World I’m Here (Ulrik Munther)

Ulrik Munther returns to the competition with a song which is not really suitable for his vocals. The track is really catchy though and should do well tomorrow night but not win the competition as previously predicted. The vocals need work but the staging is brilliant. A competent start!

Song 2: Skyline (David Lindgren)
The second track is very typical of Melodifestivalen in my opinion featuring a mixture of pop, dance and a bit of techno. The vocals are quite good to be honest especially due to the fact that the choreography is extremely intense. The camera shots are stunning. Not a contender though.
Song 3: Falling (State of Drama)
The staging reflects the mood of the track, a somber pop/rock with vocals which are pitch perfect. The song itself has a good storyline but when moving into the chorus, it seems to make a slightly drastic musical change and that is an element which I do not really justify. Loving their drama though!
Song 4: Begging (Anton Ewald)
Well, every national selection tends to have someone easy on the eye but this time round, this comes across as part of the track lyric. The track is catchy but Anton sells it well considering that he is literally flirting with the camera. I am not a fan of prerecorded vocals and this loses several points for me!
Song 5: Only The Dead Fish Follow The Stream (Louise Hoffsten)
The only female in this years’ Melodifestivalen final takes to the stage in a stunning black dazzling jacket. The fact of the manner though is that her vocals are strong and that the track within itself is a pop/country number with an extremely sassy feeling. I believe that this could surprise with a stronger performance!
Song 6: Bed on Fire (Ralf Gyllenhammar)
The opening notes are almost performed a capella and they do not really come across well unfortunately. Nevertheless, the staging for this one is incredible with an extremely huge white grand piano with fire consistently coming out of it. The stage is literally on fire and the vocals do eventually even out near the end. I can understand why it’s odds are increasing but no, not Eurovision!
Song 7: En Riktig Javla Schlager (Ravaillacz)
Most of the national finals tend to have a joke act within their selection and in order to emphasise this, they have two in succession to increase the excitement. The singers are well known and it shows in their capabilities as they command the stage with vocals and presence. The song is catchy and I really like this!
Song 8: Copacabanana (Sean Banan)
“After Dark” somewhat introduced this genre into Melodifestivalen but nevertheless, Sean Banan is doing an astonishing job at modernizing it. The choreography and the staging for this one is genius and one just enjoys the performance. The vocals are as good as one would expect. I am not sure Europe would understand it though!
Song 9: You (Robin Stjernberg)
Qualifying from the second chance, Robin is seen as an outsider this evening but nevertheless, this is seemingly stunning in terms of vocals. The track is extremely reminiscent of the best days of pop and indeed, the choreography on stage is made to look original and current. The song has international flavour and would do well at the Eurovision!
Song 10: Heartbreak Hotel (YOHIO)
Wild! That is the best way to describe this performance due to the fact that there is a singer with an identity crisis. The song itself is quite catchy as a typical pop/rock entry tends to be and the artist carries the vocals extremely well. The element of surprise in every turn makes it easier to stand out!
The Votes from Malta 
1 Point – Begging – Anton Ewald
2 Points – Only the Dead Fish Follow the Stream – Louise Hoffsten
3 Points – Bed on Fire – Ralf Gyllenhammar
4 Points – You – Robin Stjernberg
5 Points – Falling – State of Drama
6 Points – Skyline – David Lindgren
7 Points – Heartbreak Hotel – YOHIO
8 Points – Tell the World I’m Here – Ulrik Munther
10 Points – Copacabanana – Sean Banan
12 Points – En riktig jävla schlager – Ravaillacz
So after the votes from Malta we have a final Jury Vote and it reads as follows
Final Jury Vote : RESULT
1st – Heartbreak Hotel – YOHIO – 55 Points
2nd – Bed on Fire – Ralf Gyllenhammar – 42 Points
3rd – Only the Dead Fish Follow the Stream – Louise Hoffsten – 39 Points
4th – Skyline – David Lindgren – 38 Points
5th – Falling – State of Drama – 37 Points
6th – Tell the World I’m Here – Ulrik Munther – 35 Points 
7th = En riktig jävla schlager – Ravaillacz – 28 Points
7 th = You – Robin Stjernberg – 28 Points
9th – Copacabanana – Sean Banan – 26 Points
10th – Begging – Anton Ewald – 20 Points
There you have it. After the Jury Vote YOHIO with “Heartbreak Hotel” leads. Next we have our Public on-line poll to add in. Will that change the result? Thanks again to Marc and the team in Malta for their reviews and votes.
Source – Eurovision Ireland
(Main Photograph Courtesy of and YouTube Video Courtesy of embedded owner)

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