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Melodifestivalen – Fifth Jury Votes Announced from Belgium


Eurovision Ireland teams up with International Juries along with our on-line fan poll to predict the winner of Melodifestivalen 2013. Over the next 24 hours we will give you the results from our fan jury who hail from several countries across Europe. To this we will add the results to on on-line poll which closes at midnight tonight and we will have our winner. Have you voted yet?

Our penultimate Jury comes from Belgium. Our good Eurovision Ireland friend Jean-François Dejeneffe who runs the wonderful Eurovision Blog “Absolutely Eurovision” that you can find at has cast his eye over the finalists in Melodifestivalen. Jean Francois runs Eurovision voting contests throughout the year and must know every song that has ever entered the Eurovision or a National Final. So he is an expert that we had to get his views on this year’s contest.


Jean-Francois Comments

1. Tell the World I’m Here – Ulrik Munther

A pleasant song but does not seem to build to a climax or have a strong hook that engages the audience. One gets the feeling that Ulrik may be a performer that will return to Melodifestivalen until he eventually makes it to Eurovision. So if not this year then I am sure he will be back again and again

2. Skyline – David Lindgren

A good pop song and he delivers it with sharp choreography and passion. One cannot feel that it is not as strong as “Shout It Out” from last year so you feel compelled to compare David’s Skyline to his previous entry as opposed to the other contestants in this year’s Melodifestivalen. There was so much expectation on his entry for this year.
3. Falling – State of Drama

This song lacks instant appeal. You cannot help but think of the band “The Scorpions” and do we really  need “A Wind of Change” in Sweden? Probably not in my opinion.
4. Begging – Anton Ewald

I feel that this is a very average song that they have tried to make seem bigger than what it actually is. No matter how good the choreography is you just don’t come away from the song with any sense of energy or satisfaction.
5. Only the Dead Fish Follow the Stream – Louise Hoffsten

What can I say about this song and singer except I love her song, I love that woman and I love the way she can share her feelings. Wonderful entry in Sweden.
6. Bed on Fire – Ralf Gyllenhammar

You could sum this song up in one word “WOW”. W

hat a song,

what a performance and

what a charisma he has! This is not my usual genre of music but I just fell in love with the entire performance when I saw it on screen. Would Sweden be brave enough to select such a song to Eurovision?

7. En riktig jävla schlager – Ravaillacz

I love great Schlager music but this seems somewhat of a gimmick with the performers. One is reminded of the Russian entry from last year but without the charm. This would struggle at Eurovision.
8. Copacabanana – Sean Banan

I think the song is somewhat vulgar and totally makes no sense… However I try to convince myself that it’s Barry Manilow!
9. You – Robin Stjernberg

This for me is a weak song. It lacks energy and excitement on the stage. The song has no lasting melody that is embedded in your mind after you have heard it.
10. Heartbreak Hotel – YOHIO

An interesting song and performance. His striking appearance would be good at Eurovision if even because Yohio should be the only person to have more make up than Queen Bonnie Tyler in Malmo.

The Votes from the Belgian Jury are as follows

1 Point – You – Robin Stjernberg

2 Points –  Begging – Anton Ewald

3 Points – En riktig jävla schlager – Ravaillacz

4 Points – Falling – State of Drama

5 points – Copacabanana – Sean Banan

6 Points – Tell the World I’m Here – Ulrik Munther

7 Points – Skyline – David Lindgren

8 Points – Heartbreak Hotel – YOHIO

10 Points – Only the Dead Fish Follow the Stream – Louise Hoffsten

12 Points – Bed on Fire – Ralf Gyllenhammar

The Jury Total Now Reads

1st – Heartbreak Hotel – YOHIO – 48 Points

2nd – Bed on Fire – Ralf Gyllenhammar – 39 Points

3rd – Only the Dead Fish Follow the Stream – Louise Hoffsten – 37 Points

4th = Skyline – David Lindgren – 32 Points

4th =Falling – State of Drama – 32 Points

6th – Tell the World I’m Here – Ulrik Munther – 27 Points

7th – You – Robin Stjernberg – 24 Points

8th – Begging – Anton Ewald – 19 Points

9th = Copacabanana – Sean Banan – 16 Points

9th =En riktig jävla schlager – Ravaillacz – 16 Points

With one Jury left to vote can YOHIO be caught in this close race?  Thanks again to our friend Jean-François Dejeneffe for his insight and votes. 

Source – Eurovision Ireland

(Main Photograph Courtesy of and YouTube Video courtesy of embedded owner)

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