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(INTERVIEW) Romania – Ransom paid and we meet finalist Andrei Leonte


Andrei Leonte heard our pleas for an interview as we held his video to ransom – and our man “Andrei” has paid up! Yes we met the man of the moment Andrei, and here is our interview with one of the hot favorites to represent Romania at Eurovision 2013. FIRSTLY we have to honor our agreement so we start the interview with showing you Andrei’s video of “Paralyzed” in the Romanian National Final. And before anyone asks us “NO we did not blindfold Andrei as part of our quest for an interview”

(YouTube Video courtesy of oana madalina)

1. You were the winner of the 1st X factor in Romania last year. Can you tell us about that experience and how it has helped your musical development.

The X Factor was the first step. I remember thinking, while I was still a contestant, that it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done but now, after a year I realise that the hard part began after the X Factor. All in all, it was a beautiful and challenging experience that gave me the perfect boost.

2. You sang Adele’s “ Someone Like You “ in the Final of that show, is that one of your favourite songs?

Actually it is. It’s one of those songs, that I think, are perfectly written. One of those songs that you just cannot improve.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of andreileonteofficial)

3. Who are your musical influences in your life?

I really admire Bruno Mars whose almost every song is an instant classic, in my opinion. I also like Fun, Coldplay, One Republic, The Script and of course, the above mentioned Adele-phenomenon.

4. When you were announced as appearing in the Romanian selection process you withheld the video of “Paralysed” until you got 1000 likes on your Facebook post. Was this a fun way to get some extra publicity?

I can’t honestly say I had a plan in mind. I was of course going to release the song but I guess I just wanted to see if people were curious.

5. Did the song Paralysed find you or did you find the song? Tell us about how you both came together?

It most definitely found me. I’m not sure I was even thinking about Eurovision at that time, especially since it was October or something like that. But that’s when I received an email from songwriter/producer Michael Down who came with the proposition of me entering the contest with one of his team’s songs. Long story short, it’s amazing how something I first thought was a prank, turned out to be one of the top 12 options for Romania’s submission to Eurovision.

6. Paralysed has a modern uptempo feel to it and a catchy hook, is this the kind of music you can see yourself singing in your music career?

Actually yes. It is something less done in Romania but it’s one of the genres I’ve always liked and I’m really happy Michael and the team gave me this opportunity.

7. What would it mean to you if you are selected to represent Romania in Malmo?

A humongous step forward. But what would also make me very happy is if I could just manage to make a good impression on the public. Even if I don’t win, I’d really like it if there’s at least one or two guys or girls in front of their TV and they just would be like ’You know, this isn’t bad. I could actually see this going to Malmo’

8. Are you a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest and what is your favourite Eurovision song?

I’ve been watching Eurovision since I was a kid and my favorite songs are Alexander Rybak’s Fairytale and Loreen’s Euphoria, both of whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting (not that that’s a factor in my decision, haha).

Well we certainly enjoy your song and performance of “Paralyzed” Andrei – so much so that we will even show it AGAIN in our article.We have to admit that we have never enjoyed holding anyone to ransom before – actually you are our first – so we have to say we would gladly do it with you again – in Malmo in May? We wish you the very best of luck in the Romanian Final.
(YouTube Video courtesy of oana madalina)
Author Andrew James Main
Sorce Eurovision Ireland

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