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Eurosong : Big Poll Results – You said the winner will be …………..

Eurosong Finalists

Eurovision Ireland’s “First Big Poll” and the results are in. 12,000 people voted in the poll and the leaders changed several times over the course of the week. We had readers from the 4 corners of the world voting on-line with the highest participants coming from Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, USA, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Greece, Australia and Malta (to name but a few)

The International readers of Eurovision Ireland have voted as follows

  • 6 Points goes to Song 5 – “Kiss Me” performed by Kasey
  • 7 Points goes to Song 3 – “Fire” performed by Zoe
  • 8 Points goes to Song 2 – “Crashing Down” performed by Aimee
  • 10 Points goes to Song 4 – “Only Love Survives” performed by Ryan Dolan
  • 12 Points goes to Song 1 – “Son Kez/The Last Time” performed by Inchequin.

So according to the Eurovision Ireland “Big Poll” the Irish/Turkish band Inchequin mentored by Eurovision winning composer Shay Healy, would be their choice of act for Eurovision 2013. Will that be reflected in the Irish Jury and Televote this evening?

If you look at the betting odds with Paddy Power Book Makers in Ireland they have the following ranking

  • 1st – Ryan Dolan
  • 2nd – Aimee
  • 3rd – Zoe
  • 4th – Kasey
  • 5th Inchequin 

However our International Voters have voted for Inchequin performing “Son Kez/The Last Time” as the song that they preferred. Will the International vote be reflected here in Ireland? Not long to find out. Good Luck to all the contestants tonight.


(YouTube Video Courtesy of Inchequin)

Source : Eurovision Ireland and Paddy Power

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