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Ireland : Ryan Dolan on the Back of a Truck? And his Live Performance from Sunday!


Look what we saw driving on the streets of Dublin? Yes an LED PR truck promoting Ryan Dolan at the Eurosong Final this Friday. It seems that the country is in the grasp of a Eurosong fever which is surprising to see with no Jedward in the contest this year. It looks like Jedward rebooted interest in Eurosong and Eurovision in Ireland and we thank them for that.

Yes Ryan’s face can be seen on the back of a truck now. But what a handsome sight it is!

After Ryan received a makeover from Lindan Martin and Shirley Temple Bar last night in “The George” Night Club in Dublin, we managed to get a copy of his video performance – with ripped t-shirt and all for you, courtesy of our Eurovision Ireland friend Patrick Mooney.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Patrick Mooney)

Ryan will perform the song “Only Love Survives” – song 4 – on the Eurosong Final this Friday 22nd on the Late Late Show on RTE 1.

Source Eurovision Ireland

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