Eurovision National Finals 2013

Germany 2013 – Watch the show live


Unser Song für Malmö has been eagerly followed this year across Europe and there is certainly no clear winner. Looking at the video of the rehearsals it is going to be a tough decision for the public and the jury.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of

The 12 acts competing tonight will perform as follows

  • Die Priester feat. Mojca Erdmann – Ave Maris Stella
  • Finn Martin – Change
  • Mobilée – Little Sister
  • Blitzkids mvt. – Heart On The Line
  • Betty Dittrich – Lalala
  • Ben Ivory – The Righteous Ones
  • Saint Lu – Craving
  • LaBrassBanda – Nackert
  • Nica & Joe – Elevated
  • Mia Diekow – Lieblingslied
  • Söhne Mannheims – One Love
  • Cascada – Glorious


The show begins at 8.15 pm (CET)


For the International viewer you can watch the show on the player – link below

There will be 3 sets of votes tonight – all carrying a third of the total vote

  1. Radio Listeners have been voting on-line for over a week now
  2. A public televote and SMS vote
  3. An expert jury vote

The Jury consists of Tim Bendzko (pop singer), Roman Lob (German 2012 Eurovision representative), Anna Loos (pop singer), Mary Roos (German Eurovision singer) and Peter Urban (radio host and German Eurovision commentator).

You Can follow our live blog of the final courtesy of our own Eurovision Star Ms Elaine Dove – who is giving up her Valentine’s Evening for your enjoyment. So make sure to follow our blog on our website!

Enjoy the show tonight and best of luck to the 12 German finalists.

Source : NDR/ and Eurovision Ireland


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