Cyprus 2013 : Despina perfroms “An Me Thimase” for Eurovision

Cyprus 2013

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Who will represent Cyprus at Eurovision 2013 in Malmo? We can reveal that at present it will be “Despina Olympiou”. As we had told you last month the island nation would be represented by the beautiful Despina Olympiou performing the song “An Me Thimase”.

The song is a ballad and was premiered today on Cypriot television

(YouTube Video Courtesy of cytamobile)

The song is a ballad and one of the composers is Andreas YIorgallis who also composed the Cypriot entry in 1996 with Konstantinos which came 9th in the contest.

(YouTube Video courtesy of escLIVEmusic1)

That is not the only Eurovision connection there is with Despina, as she is good friends with Mixalis Xangiyiannis. For all you Eurovision fans out there you will know that Mixalis Xangiyiannis is also known as Michalis Hadjiyiannis and that he represented Cyprus at the Eurovision Song Contest in Birmingham in 1998 with the song “Genesis” where he came 11th. He is one of the most successful singers in the Greek and Cypriot Music Industry. The second composer of Despina’s enrty this year will be Zenon Zindilis who also co wrote “Genesis”

(YouTube Video Courtesy of eurovisionfest)

At song is sung in Greek and is intended to stay that way.

As for Despina herself – she is a highly accomplished and successful singer and one of her biggest hits is the mid tempo rock/pop ballad “Thymamai Osa Eixes Pei”. We are certainly looking forward to hearing her perform at Eurovision.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of malakieslesmalaka)

Source Eurovision Ireland

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