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(Photograph Courtesy of NDR)

Well tonight it is Unser Song für Malmö from Hanover in Germany – their selection show for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Tonight’s show will be hosted by Anke Engelke – co-host of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest in Dusseldorf and also features performances by Loreen and Lena.

This is set up to be a great contest with 12 popular acts with an eclectic range of songs on offer. There is something in tonight’s competition for everyone’s taste and I aim to keep you fully up to speed with their performances, staging and perhaps a few “witty observations” thrown in for good measure.

The voting consists of a public televote, the vote of a jury (including last year’s representative Roman Lob) and also the result of a radio listener poll.

Now sit back, grab yourself a drink and enjoy the ride………………………..


First up tonight in Hanover is Finn Martin with Change

This is a very anthemic soft rock ballad and with Finn clad in denim jacket and his backing singers in fringed tops and head bands, it has a very hippy feel to it. It was a confident opening performance sending out the message that it is us who can make the change – well you can for Finn Martin if you select him tonight.


Second up is Mobilée with Little Sister

Yay for the sequined dress – can never have too many sequins on the Eurovision stage. She is giving out a rock chick vibe here with black leather jacket over her dress and the set is made up to look as if she performing from her sitting room. This is a catchy little number but you cant fail to notice the attempt to “Lena-fy” herself.


Third up tonight is Blitzkids mvt. With Heart On The Line

This is a dark electro-pop style song. Lead singer decked out in a lady gaga/jedward style outfit again with plenty sequinned detail. A dark stage compliments the dark mood to this song. This would stand alone as a modern pop song and has definitely been the most dramatic performance so far.

betty-dittrich (2)

Next up it’s Betty Dittrich with LaLaLa

This is a great retro little ditty. Big hair, big personality and big big fun. I found myself shaking bits I didn’t even know I had along to this song. This song is also accompanied by some of the best backing dance moves ever to grace the stage. I do feel however, that this song may have a massive advantage as I believe there is a rule that says every year there must be at least 1 song at Eurovision with the lyrics La La La.

untitled (2)

Now we have Ben Ivory with his song The Righteous Ones

Another electro-pop number here. Green lazer like lights pass over the stage whilst Ben Ivory vocalises his message over the electronic backing music – definitely a dark sinister feel to this song. This feels like a trip back to the 80’s and could have been the Pet Shop Boys in their hey day.

untitled (3)

And to complete the first half we have Saint Lu with Craving

This is a very kitsch little song. It has a jazzy, blues kind of feel and she sings this with an ease and confidence. Another female who has chosen an all black outfit but the colourful song makes up for it. She and the band really appear to be enjoying the dong as they perform it.

untitled (4)

The 7th song of the night is LaBrassBanda with Nackert.

I first have to get over the fact that the title of the song sounds like me after 3 night shifts but the performance sure would waken you up. Looking like a bunch of surfers just walked in off the beach , they give a high tempo performance of this bubbly tune (not a lot of lyrics) and of course you would not be surprised to know they have a variety of brass instruments on the stage. This would fit in great at a festival as I sipped on my steiner of cold German Beer!!!!!!

untitled (5)

Following the brass band are Nica & Joe with Elevated

Black sequins are soon to be an endangered commodity in Hanover if these costumes carry on like this. A very powerful, almost operatic style, ballad from Nica and Joe. The song was crying out for a waterfall lightshow and indeed we got it at the end. The only proper duet so far and well performed.

untitled (6)

The ninth song of the night is Mia Diekow with Lieblingslied.

This song is another jazzy number and sung in German. There are definite elements of Satellite and Taken by a Stranger in here though. This is another retro sounding song and certainly gets you moving in your seat and she is a funky performer oozing confidence. She does remind me of the young Irish girl Janet Devlin from xfactor and has a similar “cookie” vocal to go with it.

untitled (7)

Drawing towards the end of the performances we have Söhne Mannheims with One Love

A rap/reggae style song now with a very catchy refrain. They are like the Men in Black – just no colourful aliens popping up needing busted during the performance. These guys must be the coolest guys in Hanover tonight – very smooth, slick and confident – surprisingly tuneful for a song with rap at the heart of it.

Teilnehmer von „Eurovision Song Contest 2013 – Unser Song für Malmö“ stehen fest

Second to last on we have Die Priester feat. Mojca Erdmann with Ave Maris Stella

Not a sign of Pope Benedict so those rumours were unfounded. This is a very dramatic choral performance by Mojca backed by the priests. There is fire and dry ice on the stage to add to the dramatic atmosphere of the song however in some shots I cant help but think of “My Lovely Horse” This would definitely deliver something completely different to the Eurovision stage.

untitled (8)

And finally we have Cascada with Glorious

This has to be one of the favourites for tonight’s competition and obviously jumping on the back of the success of dance song Euphoria. Cascada is well known throughout Europe with mainstream chart music so must be in with a good chance. A very good dance anthem, sung by an experienced performer this is sure to have the dance floor jumping and could be another European success story if the voting public of Eurovision choose to stick with the dance song genre.

Well folks that is your lot – you cannot say you have not been served up a great tv show as well as variety of different performances. Germany seem to be really going for it this year – who will come out on top???

Author – Elaine Dove

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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