Eurovision National Finals 2013

Norway-Finland-Sweden-Latvia-Hungary – All Your Web-Links For the Night

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Tonight is a hot bed of Eurovision National Selection Shows, so be ready to be channel hopping all night long. 

We have 2 National Finals and 3 Semi Finals taking us from the North to Central Europe

Tonight’s Finals

  • Norway – The Final of MGP
  • Finland – The Final of UMK

Tonight’s Semi Finals/Heat

  • Sweden – Heat 2 of Melodifestivalen from Gothenburg
  • Latvia – Semi Final 2 of Dziesma 2013
  • Hungary – Heat 2 of A-Dal


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(Photograph Courtesy of NRK)

Melodi Grand Prix Final.

2 Shows will take place

Presentation of the finalists live – Start Time 19:55-21:10 CET)

The Results Show – 21:40-22:50 (CET)

WEB-LINK to view the shows live is as follows


  1. Vidar Busk- “Paid My Way”
  2. Fjellfolk- “Ulvetuva”
  3. Adelén- “Bombo” 
  4. Gromth feat. Emil Solli-Tangen- “Alone” 
  5. Gaute Ormåsen- “Awake”Lucky Lips” “Sweet and Heavy”
  6. Datarock- “Underground”
  7. Annsofi- ”I’m With You”
  8. Margaret Berger- “I Feed You My Love” 
  9. Sirkus Eliassen” “I Love You Te Quiero”



(Photograph Courtesy of YLE)

Final of Uuden Muusiikin Kilpailu will commence at 20:00(CET)

You Can watch live on-line at the following link

The 8 Finalists are 

  1. Arion– “Lost”
  2. Elina Orkoneva– “He’s Not My Man”
  3. Lucy Was Driving– “Dancing All Around the Universe”
  4. Krista Siegfrids– “Marry Me”
  5. Last Panda– “Saturday Night Forever”
  6. Mikael Saari– “We Should Be Through”
  7. Great Wide North– “Flags”
  8. Diandra – “Colliding Into You”


Melodifestivalen 2013

(Photograph Courtesy of SVT)

The Second Heat of Melodifestivalen from Gothenburg will start at 20.00 (CET)

You can watch the show live on-line at the following link

The 8 acts competing are as follows

  1. Anton Ewald: “Begging”
  2. Felicia Olsson: “Make Me No 1″
  3. Joacim Cans: “Annelie”
  4. Swedish House Wives: “On Top of the World”
  5. Erik Segerstedt & Tone Damli: “Hello Goodbye”
  6. Louise Hoffsten: “Only the Dead Fish Follow the Stream”
  7. Rikard Wolff: “En förlorad sommar”
  8. Sean Banan: “Copacabanana”


(Photograph Courtesy of MTV)

The second Heat of A Dal Heat will commence at 20:15 (CET)

You can watch the show live at the following link

The 10 competing artists are as follows

1. Plastikhead feat. Laci Gáspár – A szeretet él
2. Odett – Ne engedj el
3. Ádám Szabó – Hadd legyen más
4. Gabi Völgyesi – Csak te légy
5. Gyula Éliás – Mindhalálig várni rád
6. Rami – Puzzle
7. Tamás Vastag – Holnaptól
8. ByeAlex – Kedvesem
9. Veca Janicsák – Új generáció
10. Kállay-Saunders – My Baby



(Photograph Courtesy of LVT)

The second semifinal of Dziesma 2013

The show will commence at 20:25 (CET)

You can watch the show live on-line at the following link

The 12 acts competing for the final 6 finalist places are as follows

  1. IEVA SUTUGOVA- “Cold heart”
  2. DĀVIDS KALANDIJA & DINĀRA- “Fool in Love”
  3. RŪTA DŪDUMA- “Here I am”
  4. PER- “Here we go”
  5. ANDRIS KIVIČS- “Hey Hey!”
  6. MARTA RITOVA- “I am who I am”
  7. MĀRTIŅŠ RUSKIS & 4 VĒJI- “Joey”
  8. FRAMEST- “Let the night belong to the lovers”
  9. AIWINK- “Now or never”
  10. NIKO- “One”
  11. KRISTĪNE ŠOMASE- “Phoenix Fly”
  12. PIENEŅU VĪNS- “The One”

What ever show or shows you decide to watch tonight – “ENJOY” or as they say “nyte” or “nauttia” or “njuta” or “élvez” or “baudīt” or as we say in Irish “taitneamh a bhaint as” and drop back to us here at EurovisionIreland.Net for all the news on the winners from across Europe later tonight.

Author/Website Founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhal

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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