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So who Is Petra Mede? We Take A Closer Look.

petra mede leder-schlager-em-hd

(Photograph Courtesy of Petra Mede Leder-Schlager-em-hd.)

Who is Petra Mede?

Earlier today, SVT announced who they had chosen to become the sole presenter of the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo. The announcement of Petra Mede has taken some people by surprise for a number of reasons. One being the fact that it wasn’t Sarah Dawn Finer, she was hotly tipped to present the contest given her acclaimed role in presenting Melodifestivalen last year and her star turn as EBU co-ordinator Linda Woodruff during a sketch at the final of Melodifestivalen last year and who could forget her announcing Sweden’s results in Azer… Azerbeejen….in Baku?

(YouTube Video Courtesy of KriFFek)

Given the huge amount of speculation and the interest in who SVT would choose and given the fact that SVT were continuing their theme of bringing the contest ‘back to basics’ with deciding as early as October that Eurovision would only see one presenter on stage this year, the blogosphere had gone into overdrive over recent weeks. So when SVT announced Petra Mede, a collective ‘who?’ seemed to ring out. Even as a follower of most things Scandinavian, the name was unfamiliar with me. The normally very accurate had a piece on the Eurovision Presenter Market recently. It listed the names of potential presenters and their odds in being chosen for the event. Petra Mede wasn’t even considered.  So this all leads to the question of ; who is Petra Mede?

(Photograph courtesy of

SVT has an English language piece on the new presenter.

The biographical piece details Petra’s involvement with some of the best comedy shows on Swedish television. She was voted ‘Sweden’s Best Female Comedian’ in 2009 and played host to Melodifestivalen that same year. Many followers of Scandinavian pop music and Melodifestivalen enthusiasts will recognise Petra because of this.  Petra is described as having an eccentric and extrovert spirit, which she developed from her Grandmother. Petra’s career has been varied; she was a tour guide of her beloved city of Stockholm for a couple of years which is where she developed her confidence as a public speaker.


(Photograph Courtesy of

Her stint as a presenter on Melodifestivalen in 2009 is a good indication of what to expect from her in Malmo in May. From looking at some of the videos below, Petra is more than capable of carrying the huge juggernaut of Eurovision by herself. As with all Swedish people, Petra is fluent in English and French which will be essential for the all important announcing of the votes!

Here is Petra putting her background of theatre and contemporary dance into action during an interval act at Melodifestivalen in 2009.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Heartosphere)

(YouTube Video Courtesy of flms17404)

And an indication of the presenting style we can look forward to in Malmo this year. Even though she’ll be on stage on her own, there will be no lack of personality, it seems.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of EurovisionSweden)

Eurovision Ireland wishes Petra all the best for what may be the biggest gig of her life. If she is half as good as the last solo Eurovision presenter, our very own Mary Kennedy all the way back in 1995 (I remember it well); Sweden will have made a good choice.

(YouTube Video Courtesy of

Signing out  – Alan

Guest Writer – Alan Cromie

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