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Sweden 2013 : Video Introductions to Melodifestivalen Contestants

English: Flag of Sweden with a “?” in it

English: Flag of Sweden with a “?” in it (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So who will represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo this year? The race to see who will be the host nation’s act took a step forward yesterday as SVT released all the interviews with this year’s contestants in Melodifestivalen 2013.

If you follow the link below you will enter the Melodifestivalen website and just click on your favourite singer and you will get an interview with them.

Link To Artist Videos

I hope you all can speak Swedish but if you can’t you can still make out some details about their entries in this year’s Melodifestivalen contest.

What you will notice is that in the right hand corner of the artists videos there are 4 ratings that the artists have given themselves. They are

“Show” which is roughly the same in English “Show” – So will there be a visual feast?

“Udda” which is “odd” or as we are interpreting as “Uniqueness”

“Tempo” which is “pace of the song” in English – not that hard

“Budskap” which we believe is “Message” – so does the song have a message or some deep and meaning

The artists have graded them out of 100% for each of these criteria so now you will have a estimate about what to expect. If you look at only a handful of the video clips make sure to look at Sean Banan‘s clip and Army Of Lovers – they are highly amusing for different reasons.

At a glance we can see the following

  • David Lindgren – “Skyline” will be an uptempo song with a big stage performance
  • The Swedish House Wives – aka Pernilla Wahlgren, Hanna Hedlund & Jenny Silver – “On Top Of The World” will be a dance track with strong show elements but also have a message for us all!
  • Caroline af Ugglas – “Hon har inte” will be a unique ballad that will be performed subtly so don’t expect any fire works and the song will be thoughtful – We are hoping for a similar song to her 2009 classic “Snalla Snalla” that narrowly missed representing Sweden in Moscow at the Eurovision.
  • Ulrik Munther – “Tell the World I’m Here” – Who is the pre contest favourite despite no songs being heard as of yet is going for a slightly mid tempo song that will have some stage performance element to it.
  • As for Sean Banan and Army Of Lovers – Whom we at Eurovision Ireland are very excited to see at Melodifestivalen – well they have been reserved in their ratings and have given themselves 100% in each of the categories – so I am expecting EVERYTHING to be on stage!

The countdown to the first Melodifestivalen contest begins today as Semi Final 1 takes place in 3 weeks time. The full schedule of events is as follows

  • Heat 1 – 2 February 2013, Karslkrona
  • Heat 2 – 9 February 2013, Gothenburg
  • Heat 3 – 16 February 2013, Skellefteå
  • Heat 4 – 23 February 2013, Malmö
  • Second chance round – 2 March 2013, Karlstad
  • Final – 9 March 2013, Friends Arena, Solna

As you will notice – Heat 4 will be in Malmo so you will get to see the host city of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

Again there are some returning artists this year, so to help you on your way here are a few of their previous Melodifestivalen – or MF as people in the Eurovision circuit call it – performances.

Ulrik Munther – Competed at MF in 2012 and came 3rd with his entry “Soldiers”

(YouTube Video Courtesy of euroooooooo)

David Lindgren – Competed in MF also in 2012 and came 4th with his high energy song “Shout It Out”

(YouTube Video Courtesy of euroooooooo)

Sean Banan – Also competed in MF in 2012. Sean is both a Musician and Comedian so his performances will split people’s views. Personally I found his song last year amusing, entertaining and it has found a place on my regular playlist

(YouTube Video Courtesy of EurovisionSweden2012)

Caroline af Ugglas – the runner-up in 2009 who really would have stunned Moscow with her song is back

(YouTube Video Courtesy of Ricardo Mendes)

Army of Lovers – have reformed especially for MF with La Camilla returning to the band having left some years ago. With her return to the band we are hoping that the trio can recapture their 1990’s Golden years. “Crucified” was not only a classic dance song but set the tone for their video performances that were lavish, comedic and intelligent. How amazing if they had a song like this again?

(YouTube Video Courtesy of televaganza)

What is for certain is that SVT will be making sure that they produce a spectacular series of MF shows and they would love to have back to back Eurovision wins.

Author/Website Founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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  1. If I understood correctly (I don’t speak Swedish), Army of Lovers will try something in the vein of “Gangam style” which for me makes it the most expected act of Melodifestivalen 2013.

    • I think they said it will be Gangam style on Crack” lol
      It should be interesting
      Have you looked at their videos?
      “Crucified” “Obsession””Plage de St Tropez” and “Let the Sunshine” – will give you a flavour of them.

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